Walmart Saving Catcher Review - Cashback App

- March 23, 2017

Walmart Saving Catcher Review

This will be a  review of  Walmart savings catcher, another FREE app that offers cash back on your purchased items. For the last couple weeks, Living Cheaply has been reviewing top cash back apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Receipt Hog to help you save on your everyday grocery purchases.  Walmart savings catcher is very simple all you need is your receipt so, check out below to see how this app can add money back in your wallet!

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What Is Walmart Saving Catcher 

Walmart Savings Catcher is a FREE app available in the App Store and Google play. This app is very user-friendly, all you need is your receipt from your Walmart shopping trip. The savings Catcher app scans advertised deals from top competitors match those items to your items on your receipt. If the advertised price is lower, Walmart will pay you the difference. Keep in mind only receipts from Walmart work with this app.

How to Use Walmart Saving Catcher 

how to use Walmart Saving Catcher

1) Download
First, you will need to download the Walmart app. You will find Savings Catcher in the menu tab on the left upper corner.

2) Take Photo or Scan QR
Take a picture of your receipt or scan the QR code. 

3) Manually Type
If neither of those options are working they have the option for you to type the receipt information in manually. Note the receipt has to be less than 7 days old or your receipt will not be accepted. Also, online purchases can not be used to redeemed cash back savings in store purchases only. There is a maximum of 7 receipts a week to upload and a yearly maximum of $599.99.

Savings catcher uses reward dollars to pay out through Walmart e-gift cards or Bluebird by American Express Card as Walmart bucks. Either way, you chose you can only spend the money in Walmart stores or on their website.

There are exclusions on certain categories such as produce, apparel,  housewares, electronics, and toys.
 Walmart Saving Catcher Review

Is Walmart Saving Catcher Legit 

Walmart savings catcher is not a scam. This app allows you to keep track of your receipts and saves you money without the hassle of comparing prices to other stores for the best deal. Whether you chose the Walmart e-gift card or Bluebird debit card as your payout you will receive a notification either through the app itself or your email. It can take up to 72 hours to receive a notification.
Walmart Saving Catcher bluebird debit card

Final Thoughts

If Walmart is your shopping store of choice then you should definitely download this app. It is such a simple way to save and does all the work for you, all you need is your receipt. However, the downside is that this is a Walmart exclusive app. Also unlike Ibotta and Checkout 51 you aren't guaranteed money back. Walmart is known for it's low price so those items purchased could be lower than all top competitors. So depending on your shopping preferences this app may or may not help you in you money saving, but its worth trying this app out.  You may find that Walmart savings catcher will save you more money in the long run than other cash back apps.
Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Walmart Savings Catcher in the comments below. Do you or have used this app in the past? Did you feel like Walmart Savings Catcher was legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this cashback app review.  
Thanks for reading our review of Walmart Savings Catcher and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

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