List Of The Top Freebies For 2020

- February 25, 2019
We know everybody loves freebies. So we put together a little list of what we think are our top freebies.

Free Food On Your Birthday 

Hey, it's your birthday why not take advantage of all the awesome free food restaurants give away for their customers special day. Doesn't matter what kind of food you enjoy. With our huge list of freebies, I am sure you can find multiple restaurants that will satisfy your craving.

Free Map & Travel Guides For Every US State By Mail

I know travel isn't the most frugal way to spend your money. But hear me out on this one. If you do it right you can get some much needed
R & R on the cheap. The first step in that direction is claiming your free Travel Maps / Guides for your trip. We compiled a list of maps and guides for every state in the United States.

Free Cell Service

Going to be upfront and go ahead and say if you use your phone a lot this one probably won't be for you. But maybe you're like me and rarely use your phone useless your on wifi? If that's the case you need to check out how you can get a decent amount of data and text and talk minutes to use in those rear occasion your away from wifi for FREE. 

Free Home Phone

Maybe you are just feeling nostalgic and got the urge to revisit the good old days. Or maybe you have a more practical reason for wanting a home in the era of cell phones. Such as having a free cell phone plan with limited minutes like the one I mentioned above. Either way, you don't want to miss out on finding out how you can do it for free each month.

Please let us know in the comments below what you guys think of our list. Was our list helpful for you? Do you think there we are overlooking some awesome freebie out there that we don't know it?


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