MoneyCroc Review | Is MoneyCroc.com A Scam Or Legit?

- March 25, 2017

MoneyCroc Review

This will be a  review of  MoneyCroc, a site that claims to give away FREE Money for playing a matching game. If you do a google search for "FREE MONEY" you will find MoneyCroc at the top of the first page. I was kind of impressed by this so I had to check this site out and find out if it was legit or just another scam. Not only because like anyone else I like free money, but to find out how this site is ranking so high for such a competitive keyword.  I mean come on, you click a button and if the two images match you will be paid $50.00 via PayPal. This has to be a scam right? Well maybe not, check out the rest of our review to find out.

What Is MoneyCroc?  |  A Trick To Help You Win

MoneyCroc is an impressive designed lottery style matching game that actually pays users if they win. They can do this because each time you click "Try Again"  for another chance to win a new set of ads load. 
moneycroc review

This is because what you are doing when you press the button is refreshing the page. You don't even need to click "Try Again" if you do not want to. A trick to make the game easier to play is just pressing ENTER or SPACE  on your keyboard to give you the same results as clicking "Try Again". Don't worry about breaking any rules by doing so, MoneyCroc advises users to play the game this way themselves. You are limited to playing the game 50 times each day. Still, that is 50 sets of ads from one user each day! Hats off the people behind moneycroc.com for being very creative. 

IS MoneyCroc A Scam?

moneycroc scam?

Although I have never won any money from MoneyCroc.com myself, it appears this site a legit site that really pays people. Now with that said it is unclear if this site actually gives away half their earnings from ads away as they claim.  How would anyone really know right? We do know they do in fact give away money and since the game is FREE to play, no one is actually being scammed by MoneyCroc. Now some would say their users are wasting their time, but that is another topic. 

How Does MoneyCroc Work?
moneycroc odds

Users of moneycroc.com have 50 tries each day to become a winner of either $5.00, $10.00 or $50.00 each day. You have to manually choice $5 or  $10 dollars since its automatically set for $50 by default. The advantage of playing for $10.00 is you will have 5 times the odds of a chance of winning than $50.00. When playing for $5 your MoneyCroc odds are 10 times more. For each try, you will have 2 random images generated. Each image will have a combination of either One letter and One number or Two letters and Two Numbers. If for example, you are playing for $5 and both images are AF you have won the amount you selected to play for. Instead of clicking "Try Again", you will select the "I Won $5.00"  to claim your MoneyCroc winnings. You will then enter in your PayPal information to receive your payment. 

 Does Anyone Know Of Any MoneyCroc Winners

moneycroc winners

Yes, they have paid many people, although I am not one of them. With that said I really haven't played it consistently over a long period of time. They reason being is I really do not have much down time to really play with. I did notice while doing research on moneycroc.com whenever someone would speak negatively about this site multiple former winners would come to this sites defense in the comments. Some the reviews I read even were obviously putting MoneyCroc down and calling it a scam to push their affiliate program they were associated with. Don't know about you but to me that kind of makes them Scammy right? 

Verdict Legit

MoneyCroc is a very creative idea and appears to be legit.  Even with the odds of being a winner of anything from this site being SUPER LOW. It's hard not to hit ENTER one more time for another chance to win. With that said my gut feeling is they do not actually give away half their ad earnings away. I have played this game several times with no luck, not that I really expected to win.  I imagine if you used all of your 50 tries each day for a few weeks you may win once for $5.00 or $10.00. 
I dought they give away the $50.00 very often, so probably wouldn't even try for that mark. Overall if you really want to be productive with your time, you can do much better than MoneyCroc. On the flip side say you are working in an office with access to a computer. You have plenty of down time to play with that you do not want to spend it doing anything serious. MoneyCroc may be your ticket to passing some time and occasionally get a paid a little for your trouble. 

moneycroc.com Alternative 

 If you are looking for a site that is exactly like moneycroc.com you will be hard pressed to find one. Not saying none exist I just do not know of any personally. Now you can find many sites that will actually pay you money for doing simple tasks like what you do on MoneyCroc. Such as Earnhoney, DollarTracks, and GrindaBuck. These sites will pay you to click on links, signups, watch videos, do surveys etc. Again like with moneycroc.com you aren't likely to make a lot for your time invested. Although I do know a few many to claim to make a living from a combination of many sites like I mentioned above. For most of us, these sites are just productive fun things to do during your downtime while getting rewarded for it. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with MoneyCroc in the comments below. Have you used this site in the past? Did you feel like moneycroc.com is legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this review.  
Thanks for reading our review of MoneyCroc and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

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