Receipt Hog Review - Cash Back For Receipts App

- March 12, 2017


This will be a review of Receipt Hog an app that pays you to scan your receipts on your phone. Earlier this week I have been featuring posts about saving money apps to help you earn cash back on top of your already in store savings. If you missed these posts I would suggest your take a look at those first. 

 No coupons required! Below is another app to help you increase your savings on your everyday purchases.


Receipt hog is a FREE app that turns your everyday shopping receipts into cash. Yes, you can get paid for your receipts! Receipt hog is an exclusive group so, make sure you apply today as there are limited available slots due to the increased popularity. Receipt hog is owned by InfoScout, a company that uses your uploaded receipts for marketing research.


First, you will need to request to join. Download the app in either Google Play or App Store. Make sure you have your location services on since they will be using your information for marketing research. Request to join just requires email, gender, and birthday.

Like I mentioned before because of the increased popularity you may be placed on a waiting list since they have a limit on how many are able to join and money to give out. You will be contacted within 30 days to verify if you have been accepted.

After you have been accepted, simply take pictures of your receipts from any store or restaurant you shop at

You will earn coins for your receipts you upload that you can cash out through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Depending upon the type of receipt you may also be able to earn spins at the Hog Slots, which gives you the opportunity to earn more coins. Additional rewards include bar-code scanning and short surveys.


Receipt Hog gives coins based on the amount spent on your receipt

Spend $10 earn 5 coins
Spend $10-$50 earn 10 coins
Spend $50-$100 earn 15 coins
Spend $100 and up earn 20 coins

There is a 100 point limit for each week. Any coins received after the reached limit will earn you 5 coins, no matter the receipt amount.

You must have $5 to cash out.

1000 coins receive $5
1800 coins receive $10
3200 coins receive $20
4500 coins receive $30


Receipt Hog is a legit site. It is a very useful easy way to gain extra cash on your everyday purchases. The main complaint I have with this app is you may not get to use it right away since it is an app that uses the information for marketing research. I do love how it offers PayPal as a payout option just making it easier on getting my cash back quicker.


Overall, along with my Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps, check out my page for my reviews on those apps, Receipt Hog is a great app to add to the mix. Receipt Hog is user-friendly, doesn't limit you to certain stores, and offers a quick payout option with PayPal like Ibotta. Using all three apps together and your already in store savings gives you endless saving options.

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