Obihai 202 Setup - Guide To FREE Home Phone Service

- March 15, 2017

Guide To Free Home Phone Service

This will be an Obihai 202 Setup guide for FREE home phone service. If you missed the guide on getting FREE Cell Phone Service you may want to read that one first. Traditional home phone lines are next to extinct in the age of cell phones and internet. Let I get a welcome nostalgic rush when making phone calls over a traditional phone line from home. Still for the frugal among us justifying an expense for a service you do not necessarily need is hard to swallow. 

Luckily after you read this guide you will no longer have to, because you are about to find out how to get that phone service for FREE! You will only need to make a one-time purchase of an Obihai 202  device. Currently, you can find the Obihai 200 line of devices on Amazon anywhere from $45.00 to $70.00. This setup will work with any of this line. 

Why An Obihai 202 Setup Is Right For You

This method in actually very simple and those who have used services like MagicJack and Google Voice will feel right at home. Basically, we will be using a device called Obihai 202  to turn a FREE Google Voice service into a free MagicJack like a home phone line. The Obihai 202 is just a small converter box that allows you to use VOIP services as a traditional landline. After setup, you can dust off your old traditional landline phone and put it back to work with your Obihai 202. Best of all you no longer will you have to log onto your computer to use your Google Voice service.

Why is Google Voice required For Obihai 202 Setup

Now you may be wondering why you must have Google Voice for this setup. Well, the Obihai 202  simply provides the hardware and software needed to make phone calls over your old phone. The device is missing the ability to actually handle the routing of phone calls. This is where Google Voice comes in to fill in the gap and do this for your Obihai 202 device. With that said you do not have to use Google Voice as your VoIP service. This device will work with almost any VoIP provider. Google Voice, in my opinion, is just the best deal for VoIP service you will find. I mean it's FREE and works as good or if not better than many of the paid services. How can you go wrong with that?


Obihai 202 Setup Step by Step 

1) Plug your Obihai 202  directly into your broadband router. Then connect your Obitalk device to a traditional landline phone. 

2) Now that we have our box physically hooked up, we can move on to getting our service set up.  Head over to the OBi's website and get registered for OBiTalk

3) Next, we will connect our Google Voice account via the OBitalk dashboard. Of course, if you do not have Google Voice already you will have to setup an account first. 

4) You will have to disable your Google Voice two-step login verification in order to get your Obihai 202 to connect. 

All Done! Your FREE home phone service is setup! You should now be getting a dial tone when you pick up the handset. Calls to your Google Voice number will now go to your Obitalk -connected handsetLet to the joy of free home phone service began. Lastly, call any friend within the nation over your FREE phone service just to brag about your new discovery. While trying not to smile too big as the sweet relief of financial freedom rushes over you. 

 Final Thoughts 

Since your service is using Google voice with your Obihai 202 setup you will have all the benefits of Google Voice of which there is many. Plus you will also have the benefits of making and receiving phone calls in a traditional way. Something I did not realize until recently is you can port your mobile number to Google Voice. This is a little costly at $20 at the present time. Still, Google Voice is a great way to save your old cell phone number without any monthly charges. 

Our guide to FREE Cell Phone Service

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Your Obihai 202 Setup in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 


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