Promo Code For 2 FREE Months of Service From Straight Talk Wireless ($80.00 Value)

- April 07, 2019
Hey frugal friends! Do any of you not like free cell service?! Oh, you're sane of course you like free cell service. Well, I got good news for a limited time Straight Talk is giving away FREE service to new customers. All they have to do is sign up for service and then enter the promo code below for 5,000 points after joining their rewards program.

FREE Month Service Code:  AAEH-991F

How To Get Your FREE Service

1. Sign up for Straight Talk HERE

2. Join Free Straight Talk Rewards program within 14 days of activation with code (  AAEH-991F ).

3. Receive 8,000 points which can be exchanged for almost 2 of their $35 Service Plans. Or almost 2 of their $45 Services Plans. Giving you 2 FREE month's worth of service.

Important Note: Code not valid for current Straight Talk customers.

This code is part of the Straight Talk Referral Program. Normally customers only receive 1000 points for signing up with their friend. Which is nice and helps both individuals out.  However, for a limited time they giving away 5 times that amount. Making this offer flat-out amazing.

Making these numbers even better they give more bonus points the more people you refer to their service for both you and them. 

This is how it breaks down.

- You get 5,000 points for the first person you're referring to their service. They also get 5,000 points.

- For 2-4 friends you get 9,000 points and they get 6,000 points.

- For 5 Plus friends you get 12,000 points and they get 8,000 points! 

Other Ways To Earn Rewards Points 

After becoming a rewards member you have additional ways to earn points that can be exchanged for free service. You can

Share on Social media

Customers can do this up to two times a month for a bonus of 50 points each time.

Refer Your Friends

Currently, both of you will get a month of FREE service if  1 of your friend switches over and joins Rewards. This gets you 5,000 points for a limited time. For more friends, you and your friend will get even more. See the breakdown above.  At some point most likely will return back to 1,000. But until then it's good times.

Daily Spin The Wheel

This just came back recently! Each day you can spin a wheel and earn additional bonus points and other rewards. You can win anything between 5 points to 4,500 points a spin doing this. However, I have never gotten more than 10 points.

Watch Video Clip
Watch a short ad for 10 points. This can be done once a month. You can also go ahead and share the video on Facebook or Twitter to get your 50 points for sharing on social media. This is how I do it each month. 

Answer A Poll Question
Answer a quick poll question for 50 points. This can be done every 15 days. So can expect to make about 100 points a month if you stay on top of it. 

Bonus Points On Your Anniversary

Every 6 months after you sign up you will receive an anniversary bonus. The bonus increases every 6-month cycle.

6 Months:  150 Points
12 Months:  300 Points
18 Months:  350 Points
24 Months:  500 Points

Read The Month's Featured Story. 

Each month they have a featured story that nets you 20 points for reading or at least clicking on.

Play a Memory Game

They have a fun game that tests your memory. Simply play and earn 10 points. Can only be done once a month. The memory game is timed and gives you 45 seconds to complete. But don't worry it really doesn't matter how well you do it. You will earn 10 points regardless of the results. 

Refill Your Service

Every time you add more service you will earn bonus points. The amount you earn depends on how much you spend. The more you spend the more you earn.


This is basically the same as the refill your service offer. Only if you do it by auto-renewal you will get twice as many points.

When Not Using Free Service From Code

I would recommend using their $35 a month plan when you not getting it for free. Well as long as you are not a heavy data user like myself. It's the same plan only you just get 3GB instead of 25GB. That said the extra 22GB for 10 more bucks is awesome if you're a heavy user. They also allow you to port your number in if you like. So you are able to keep your old phone number if you like. Also, it's important to remember points may take up to 60 days before they can be used. So don't panic if you can not use your points right away.

You may also be interested in our post on getting FreedomPop Cell Sevice For Free as well. This one is not unlimited. In fact, it's very limited. It's only 200MB of free data. But hey it is free and the article gives details on how to get a few extra MB with a few tricks.

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you guys think about their rewards program and this awesome sign-up bonus!


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