Vindale Research Review

Today we are going to be reviewing Vindale Research, a site which helps its users make cash from home by doing easy surveys and product testing. Surveys are one the quickest way to earn money from home. They do however require you to invest a good portion of your time. Sadly a number of scam survey sites exist only to get your personal information without ever intending to pay you a dime for your effort. So I am guessing you are wondering if Vindale Research is one of these sites right?  Read Living Cheaply's complete review of this company and find out what we found. 

Vindale Research Review - Is Vindale A Scam?

What Is is based in the United States and was founded in 2004 almost 13 years ago. 12 years and 261 days to be exact at the time of this review. In that time they have paid over $5 million dollars to their users for taking surveys and trying out new products!  You can earn from this site if you live in the United States, Brazil, Australia or Great Britain.

Is Vindale Research Mobile Legit Or A Scam?

Vindale's age alone tells you that they are no scam.  Scam reward sites almost always have been around less than a year. You can rest assured a well-established website like this one is not simply trying to get your personal information. Now with that said this does not stop many folks from claiming this website is a Scam.  One issued that I saw caused this is if you request payment from PayPal for the first time they usually flag your account and ask for your ID in order to cash out. If you provide your ID they will indeed pay you and everything will go back to normal without an issue.  Still, I can understand why this throws people off from wanting to use this site.

Getting Started With Vindale Research

Signing up with Vindale is a fairly straight forward process. Just follow the following 3 steps:

1. First Click Here to Sign-Up 

Vindale Research Sign Up

2. Complete Your Member Profile

This step is required to collect the information they in order to contact you regarding payment and surveys.
Vindale Member Profile

3. Confirm Your Email
You must confirm your email to get started so please use a valid email address that you can access. 

All Done!! You're ready to start earning. 

Ways To Earn With Vindale Research

Vindale Research Earning Methods

Of course, Vindale is most well known for offering high paying surveys. But they also offer many other ways of earning money from home with this site as well. If you get tired of taking surveys you can check out some of following ways to earn. 

Vindale Videos
These are video surveys, can't beat that right? This is probably the method that takes the least effort to earn cash. You can earn up to $0.25 per video. 

Member Photos
Take a photo of yourself holding proof of payment and you will get a $5 added to your account. Vindale uses these photos to use for marketing purposes. So you may want to skip this option if you are not comfortable with that. 

Reward Mail
You must opt in for this method to take advantage of its earning potential. You will be paid  $0.10 for every open email you open. 

Opinion Polls 
In addition to normal emails, they send out polls to your email a few times each week as well. These will earn you $0.25 every time you share your opinion. 

Vindale Surveys - Product Testing
Vindale usually pays at least $0.75 for each survey you complete. With some surveys paying up to $2.33Each surveys length can vary greatly. You can expect most surveys to last between 1 to 10 minutes to complete. In time you after being an active user for a while you may have the option for product testing. After you receive your product you can make up to $75.00 to review it.  

Vindale Research Surveys

Vindale Research Referral

You can earn $5.00 for every family member or friend that joins Vindale with your link. However, they must earn a verified balance of at least $1.00. It's also important to note referrals may not live in your household or share your computer. 

Vindale Research Payments

You can choose between a traditional check or PayPal to get your money. After reaching the $50.00 payment minimum you can cash out. But yo can only cash out twice a month. Either on the 15th or the 30th of each month. The first time you request payment you must select a traditional check. After that, you can and then you can start requesting pay via Paypal.  After switching over to Paypal you may run into some issues. For some reason, at this point, they will flag your account and you will have to provide them with your ID to and verify you are who you say you are. Once you do so they will unlock your account. So if you have an issue with this you may want to continue request a traditional check. 

Scam Verdict is a legit survey rewards site that has a proven track record of paying their users. They also have additional ways to earn besides with surveys such as with videos, trying products out, and emails. It's great to see a rewards site be straight forward with the payment system skipping points and gift cards and rewarding directly with Cash. Still, it's with payments that this site has its biggest issues. They have a high minimum withdraw of $50.00 to start with. Then you may have to provide your ID to withdraw your money via PayPal. If these issues are not forgivable for you I would suggest you try another option like EarnHoney or SuperPayMe which we just did a review for. However, if you can digest the possible payment issues you will be hard pressed to find a survey site that pays more for surveys. Not to mention traditional options of doing product testing and emails which you usually do not see from Survey centered reward sites. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with this survey site in the comments below. Have you used this survey site in the past? Did you feel like is legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this review.  
Thanks for reading our Review!

Vindale Research Review Today we are going to be reviewing Vindale Research , a site which helps its users make cash from home by doing...

DIY At Home Projects 

Hello, my crafty friends! These last couple months I have been trying to get a bit more organized, not just because it looks good on the outside, but it actually is relaxing. Yeah, running around like a chicken with his head cut off is getting really old ya'll. So with that said I thought I would begin where I dread to be at the most in my house and that's my kitchen. I use to think I hated to cook, but after I have done this simple organization fix I have found joy in cooking again! My husband and I are all about the spices, so much so we buy them in bulk to save money. I'll explain all about that in the next blog so be sure to subscribe and check back! Back to what I was saying, we cook every day to save money on eating out and to control what we actually are actually putting into our bodies. We generally have a counter full of spices out while cooking. Of course, that's after searching endlessly in our spice cabinet for the right spices and then cleaning up our mess of the spilled out spices because the top is too small to get anything bigger than 1/2 teaspoon in the top. The struggle has been real. This DIY at home spice jar project literally changed our lives and it only took me 1 day to complete! It's so simple yet so clever, so stop putting it off and let's get organized in our kitchens ya'll! 

Storing Spices In Mason Jars 

So I am a bit obsessed with the $1 target section. I found these super cute mason jars that make perfect spice jars. The tops are these are just one lid, unlike the typical mason jar lids where they come off in two parts. 

You might think this is a petty thing, but the small things add up saving time and easy access is my main goal here. And due to the ever so the popularity of the mason jars you should have no trouble finding some that will work for your taste.
With this part, ya'll can get ALL kinds of creative. I used my Cricut to cut out vinyl stickers, simply because I had the scraps of vinyl left over from other projects that needed to be used. No Cricut no problem you can use stickers, stencils to sharpie the names on, whatever works best for you. I personally stuck with a generic font because I wanted any friend or family member to be able to glance and grab when cooking in my kitchen. Instead of trying to decipher what the cute font was saying ( I can't take credit for this idea my husband thought this and in this situation, he was right simple works best).
Clean the jars and place your stickers on top and enjoy! I place mine in a drawer next to my stove for easy access to grab and go as needed.
I HATE those small spice jar openings. I always spill the spices out while trying to hit my measuring spoons. These jars are perfect to fit all those measuring spoons comfortably inside! You do not have worry about waste while storing spices in mason jars. 

Final Thoughts

Let's be honest there are a billion things I'd rather be doing than cooking in the kitchen after a long days work. This simple organization has completely simplified the daunting task of everyday cooking. I wish I did this sooner! Be sure to check back each week for a new DIY At Home Projects. Also, I'll be letting where to buy spices in bulk for cheap. Be sure to subscribe you won't want to miss it!

DIY At Home Projects  Hello, my crafty friends! These last couple months I have been trying to get a bit more organized, not just becau...

Teacher Appreciation & Graduation Week

Summer is here ya'll!! The school year is coming to an end, graduation celebrations are beginning and let's not forget May 14th celebrating all our sweet mommas for all they do.This month has a lot going on and after spoiling all our mommas our extra cash for this month is dwindling down. With that said thanking your kid's teachers or congratulating that special grad for all the great work they have done doesn't have to be costly. So like I promised in my previous post, Last Minute Mothers Day Ideas, I have compiled a list of easy, cheap and quick teacher appreciation and graduation week gifts/Party Ideas that they will LOVE! It's never about how much you spend it's simply the thought that counts ya'll!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We all have had that extra special teacher who has gone above and beyond for us. Below is a list of top frugal Pinterest ideas to let your teacher know they are appreciated! 
 With mothers day coming to an end flowers are everywhere to be found and often discounted for last-minute Mother's Day shoppers. A simple bouquet of flowers with this clever tag is a personal way to say thanks for all you've done

Teachers LOVE usable gifts. Cuts down on classroom expenses for them. This is a super cute idea they are sure to love and be grateful for. Stop at your local Dollar Tree their teacher aisle is loaded with all kinds of goodies!

 Ain't no one gonna turn down a homemade cookie. Bake their favorite cookie or if you're short on time run to your local grocery store grab some cookies and attach this clever saying to it. 

So if you haven't noticed by now I LOVE to play on words!! You can get so creative and personal with these. I do this all the time. So cheap and fun. Head to your local Dollar Tree grab a box of $1 candy and attach your clever thank you appreciation saying. It seriously doesn't get any simpler than that ya'll!

Senior Graduation Party Ideas 

Pinterest is full of wonderful party ideas, but before we know it we've pinned a zillion pins and what started out as cheap DIY cheap has gotten expensive, time-consuming and out of hand. So check out the tip frugal DIY Pinterest party ideas below. 

This is such a cute way to decorate your beverages to go with your theme. Just head to your Dollar Tree and get some construction paper cut in squares and you can get creative with the tassel. You can use yarn, streamer, construction paper, anything to make a couple of slits into getting that tassel look!

 Everyone LOVES cake pops. They are super cute and simple to make. If you are super short on time these are great and your guest will love the creativity. Reeses, Mini M&Ms, Hershey's bar ( Flip it over to get the smooth side), Chocolate frosting(acts as your glue), Cake pop sticks, and sour patch straws or Twizzlers, any type of string candy. 

Here are a couple of party ideas I have done for cheap. They are universal just change the colors add 2017 and you got yourself a grad party! Balloon Banners and Streamer backdrops are always in! Make your own cardboard 2017 banner and cover it with a streamer. Possibilities are endless.

Gifts For The Senior Grads

Sending that special loved on off to college or congratulating a senior grad can get a bit expensive if you don't stay focused on the big picture here which is what do grads NEED. If you read my Mothers Day post you know my love for gift baskets and how they can work for any occasion. Whether you are buying for a high school grad or a college graduate you can never go wrong with gift baskets. 

Examples of items for gift baskets (All of these items can be purchased at the forever frugal Dollar Tree!)
 -Laundry Detergent
-Air Fresheners
-Cleaning supplies
-Personal hygiene products
-Coins to do laundry
-School supplies(notebooks, pens)

Final Thoughts

Gifts don't have to be extravagant to be appreciated. I've found when it comes to giving gifts the simple personalized gifts are the best. So surprise your teacher or grad with these top frugal Pinterest ideas. Don't worry if you're not the crafty one in the family. These a fail-proof ideas the will take the stress out of gift giving. I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more frugal ideas to make your life simpler. 

Teacher Appreciation & Graduation Week Summer is here ya'll!! The school year is coming to an end, graduation celebrations are...

Mothers Day Last Minute Ideas

Alright, Ya'll Mothers Day is next Sunday, May 14th! Coming up with something new and budget friendly each year isn't easy and requires some time and endless Pinterest searching. So those of you who are short on time you're in luck! I have composed a list of my best ideas for mother's day for that special mama in your life, wives or for all those mama friends who let's be honest, help keep our sanity. 
Homemade Mothers Day Gifts 2017- Best Last Minute Ideas

Mothers Day Present Idea Gift 

I always think of ways to add a few personal touches just amp up ordinary gifts. Whether you have a passion for baking or lack any type of crafty passion these affordable mothers day ideas are simple, quick and still make your mama feel extra special on mothers day.

Best Ideas for Mother's Day - Basket/Boxes 

Mothers day is all about making mom's feel special and for me, homemade Mothers Day gift baskets/boxes are the ultimate gifts no matter if your mom is across the state or across the street. They are incredibly personalized, they can be extravagant or simple either way you go they will instantly make mom feel special on her day. When I'm composing any type of gift basket or box I remember these 3 things when picking out what to put inside.
-1 main item they want- I center everything around this particular item
- A couple fillers(something they wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves, little trinkets)
-A personalized item- It can be as small as a coffee mug with their initial or their favorite candy.
Once you have your items you picked out the fun part begins. This is where you can get really creative for cheap. Check out my past post about The Dollar Tree to get those creative wheels turning you'll be surprised what you can find in these places for $1!

Homemade Mothers Day Gift Box
This year I'm sending my mom this sweet mothers day box. I just decorated the panels of the box. Daisies are her favorite flower. I used my Cricut to cut these out, but if you don't have one you can simply use stickers. Add a few of her favorite items you're done. Simple yet personal!

Bakers Goods Home Made Gift Idea

I love these Pinterest finds! Mini cakes are all the rage these days and I think they are perfect for mothers day. It's simple easy and quick. You can personalize these with their favorite flower too.
Mini Rose CakeMini Pink Rose Cake

Sugar cookie flower bouquets. Who doesn't like sweets and beautiful flowers so why not combine the two together! Cut out flower sugar cookies, decorate and add some babies breath. These are stunning!

Sugar Cookie Flower Bouques

Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts For Mama Friends 

I love the idea of surprising our mama friends with just a small appreciation gift. Just to say thank you for being there in all my motherhood moments or just to uplift them and let them know how great they are. Below are inexpensive ways to surprise those mama friends.
-Mail a card and write a personal message. Words have such a way of impacting lives.
-Balloons-Who doesn't love balloons right?! Take a trip to your local Dollar Tree where you can purchase balloons for $1. I surprised my sister in laws with a bouquet of balloons from my local Dollar Tree and a small card tied it around their front door surprising them when they got home. Simple and cheap way to let them know you're thinking of them.
-I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant!! I would love to receive this gift year out! Simply stop at the dollar tree and get colorful themed plate and cups, and utensils for $1 slap a bow on it a viola! They will LOVE you for this one.
Mothers Day Paper Plate Gift

Final Thoughts

Mothers day is all about showing love to your mama so MAKE your mom's day special this year while staying budget friendly with these great homemade Mothers Day Gift projects. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and hopefully, they sparked your creative minds. Be sure to subscribe and check back for more creative DIYs. As summer keeps getting closer it's time to start thinking of teacher appreciation gifts. Keep watch for cheap DIY teacher appreciation/Graduation gifts!

Mothers Day Last Minute Ideas Alright, Ya'll Mothers Day is next Sunday, May 14th! Coming up with something new and budget friendly ...

Rewards1 Review

This will be a review of  Rewards1, a reward site that is gaining a lot of attention lately. But before we get started if you missed our last review on a GPT (Get Paid To) site SuperPayMe I would suggest you take a look at it first. Anyways back to this reward website which is set up to allow users to earn free prizes. The prizes that they are known for are usually video game related. Such as things like game, consoles, and other accessories. But if this site is not legit this all means nothing right?  Read Living Cheaply's complete review of this company and find out what we found. 

Rewards1 Review - Is This Rewards Site Legit?

What Is Rewards1.Com?

When I first started looking into this site after hearing its users claim Rewards1 was the best reward site ever.  I thought they new GPT site that had just popped up.  However, I found out has been live for over 15 Years! This was shocking to me since I have been using these rewards sites for years now and had not heard of this site until the past year or so. As you might imagine this left me wondering why I had not heard of this set by now if it's so great? Maybe the answer is it's not, but we get back to that later.

Is Rewards1 Legit Or A Scam?

Rewards1 is a legit rewards site. They have been paying their users years and will likely continue to. However, recently user have been experiencing huge delays in payments. Obviously, this has been a huge dispointment given they claim they process rewards in 1 to 5 days in their TOS (Terms Of Service). New users have even been told they would need to wait up to 45 to 60 days to be paid.  They claim the reason for the recent delay is a result of fraud they have been experiencing. Some of the users believe its related to the fact their site has taken off and they do not have the funds to pay all the new users. Either way, they are still paying, but not in a timely manner that they hold claim to or should expect. I would not call this a scam but it is certainly undesirable. Some would even say unacceptable. 

Getting Started With Rewards1

Signing up is really simple and can be done as follows:

1) Sign-Up
2) Enter Basic Infomation
Under the signup, tab and enter your Username, Email, Password, and Location.  
Rewards1 Review information

**Warning** You must use a valid email that you can verify. 

4) Confirm Email
You will have to confirm your email before you can log in. So please use a valid email. 

All Done! Now your ready earn money with Rewards1 until you have $5.00 or 500 points and cash out to your choice payment.  

Ways To Earn With Rewards1

Rewards1 Review  Top has a good selection of OfferWalls to choose from. The following is a breakdown of all current earning methods on this reward site:


These are sign ups and surveys for the most part. They usually pay around 10 points to around 200 points for each offer.

Premium Offers 

The Premium offers pay you a bit more.  This is mainly done to the face you will need a to use a credit card these. You can expect to make $1 to around $35 on these. 

Coin Offers 

These are your cut and dry OfferWalls you will find on any decent GPT site. Such as Peanut Labs, Personaly, Trialpay, Offertoro, Wallads, Revenueuniverse, Radiumone.


Rewards1 Review  Videos EngageMe.Tv which is the most popular video option for OfferWalls these days due to its passiveness. On this reward site, you ar rewarded 1 Point for every 9 EngageMeTv videos. These videos are basically unlimited as well. The other videos listed pay a much better rate of 1-3 point per video but only have a limited number of videos and must be selected one at a time. 


These are Crowdflower which can be found on almost all GPT sites. Check out our complete review on Crowdflower including SECRETS to Gain  Access to the Crowdflower Entrance Exam Link for More Crowdflower Tasks.  


This is Radio Loyalty which pays 1 point every ten minutes of radio played. 


These include Daily surveys, Your-surveys, Ampario, and Say-So for good.

Rank System For Rewards1.Com

Your bonus increase as your rank increases.  Elite, for example, gets a  $0.15 bonus to complete a $0.75 survey.  A breakdown of the rank system is as follows:

Rookie is the rank you start as. 

Junior after your first reward of 500 or $5. 

  • 35% ref bonus plus 10% earn bonus.

Senior after you get 2 rewards and $20 OR refer 100 people
  •  40% ref bonus + 15% earn bonus. 

Veteran after you make $80 and 3 rewards  OR refer 1,000 people
  • 45% ref bonus + 20% earn bonus. - Allows you to become a chat moderator PLUS you get codes INSTANTLY.  

Elite after you make $200 receive 4 rewards OR refer 10,000 people
  •  50% ref bonus + 25% earn bonus PLUS Allows you to become a Chat administrator.

Legend after you make $500 and recieve 5 rewards OR ref 100,000 people

  • 55% ref bonus + 30% Earning bonus. 

Rewards1 Referral 

You will receive a very generous 20% of your referrals earnings for life. 

So if you refer a new member earns and they 30 points, you will get 6 points. It's even possible to get up to 30% of referral earnings, but this would be hard to achieve. Users must refer lots of members each month for the extra 10% bonus. Online Forum  

One aspect of Rewards1 that I really like is thier online forum. The forum, as a number of helpful users tips on successfully completing offers.  This forum is world actually be help for anyone that uses any GPT site.  

Rewards1 Payment

Overview Of Payment Options For This reward Site:

Points1 point = 1 Cent or 0.01 

Gift Cards: Amazon, ThinkGreek, BestBuy, NewEgg, Dell, Barnes & Noble, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale

Code rewards:  Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Stream,  iTunes, Google play, Battle.Net, Karma Coins, League Of Legends, Nintendo, Nexon, Steam, World Of Warcraft, Minecraft, NCsoft, Nexon, Rixty

-- Paypal -- My Personal Favorite Option

Custom Order (This option allows you to do what it soundsYou can request rewards from any vendor, but fulfillment may take longer. 

Minimum Cashout threshold =  $5 Paypal or 500 Points 

Withdraws can are stated to take 1 to 5 days but they have recently been taking longer as previously discussed. However, after you reach the Veteran, you can get INSTANT cashouts. 

Tip: If you get to a Veteran status or above then you get them instantly. You will receive the codes instantly to your email address and in your messages on the site. When you first join, your rank status is RookieAfter your first redemption minimum of  $5.00, you will climb up to the rank of junior. 

Scam Verdict is a legit website that has a proven track record of paying their users. They have a good number of offer walls and pay a fair rate. After your first cash out, they give you access to more walls as well. If you cash out and find out your earnings are being held, try to catch an admin on their live chat and they will likely speed up your withdraw. I love that they provide a chat box along with their forum. This makes it really easy for their members to help each other. This all said I am having a hard time recommending this site giving their current payment delays. All signs point to users getting paid in time but not being able to access your cash for long periods of time can be very stressful. For that reason, I would suggest if you need cash fast to go with another option like EarnHoney or SuperPayMe which we just did a review for. Otherwise, if you can afford to wait for Rewards1 payments they may be a good option for you. Still, you may be better served if you wait until their payments issue is sorted out.   

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with this reward site in the comments below. Have you used this reward site in the past? Did you feel like is legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this review.  
Thanks for reading our Review!

Rewards1 Review This will be a  review  of   Rewards1 , a reward site that is gaining a lot of attention lately. But before we get start...