Checkout 51 Review - Cash Back Grocery Couponing App

- March 11, 2017


This will be a review of Checkout 51 a Couponing app that gives you cash back on your grocery purchases. Earlier this week we posted our Ibotta cash back app review and today I'd like to tell you all about another app you can use with Ibotta to help increase your cash back savings! So put those scissors down and set aside those coupons, trust me you don't want to miss out on this check out 51 review! 
Checkout 51 Review-Cash Back Grocery Couponing App


Very similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 is a FREE and allows you to receive cash back on groceries that you buy. They have tons of stores to choose from making it simple for you to earn cash back. Checkout 51 can be used both on your phone, compatible with iOS and Android, or your home computer. Simply browse the items they have listed. every Thursday they update the list so be sure to check back each week for new deals. 


First you will need to create an account. Sign up HERE it is free!


Simply browse the items they have listed. every Thursday they update the list so be sure to check back each week for new deals.

 After you have selected your items to go shopping! They offer a variety of popular stores some examples are

-Dollar General
-Dollar Tree
-Food City
-Rite Aid
-Save A Lot
-Sams Club

They also offer an "other" category which allows you to save on all of your purchases as long as your purchased item is from the list Checkout 51 provides for that category.

Take a picture of the receipt for the item/items you have selected and you are on your way to gaining cash back.


There is a $20 dollar minimum before they will mail you your check. Yes, I said mail, unfortunately, they do not offer PayPal, but hopefully, as Checkout 51 over time, they will change their payout option.


Absolutely. I personally have an account with Checkout 51 and believe it is an easy way to earn money back on items you are already purchasing. A few downsides I have with using this app is they don't offer PayPal as a payment option. Hopefully, they will change that soon. Also, they don't offer a recommendation bonus. Unlike Ibotta where you can receive a bonus for referring friends, Checkout 51 does not offer anything like that so all your earnings will come from your purchases made.With that said, I would still definitely recommend giving Checkout 51 a try because there is still a lot of money to be made from your everyday grocery purchases.


I'm all about finding new ways to save money, especially if it requires little work from me. Checkout 51 allows you to save more on top of the in-store savings, and with their "other" category as an option, it doesn't matter what store you shop at. Since Checkout 51 has very similar features to Ibotta it is very easy to use both when shopping to help maximize your total savings. So leave those coupons at home and start your journey on saving the simple way with Checkout 51.


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