Daily Transcription Review - WFH Movie Transcriptionist Scam?

- March 22, 2017

Daily Transcription Review

This will be a review of Daily Transcription a company that hires Work From Home Movie Transcriptionist. At this time they only hire individuals from the US and CanadaIf you get this job you will be transcribing audio or video files directly from home and getting paid. Don't worry if you have no prior experience in transcription because they are well known for hiring beginners. 
Daily Transcription Review - WFH Movie Transcriptionist Scam?

What Is Daily Transcription?

Daily Transcription is mainly known for handling subtitling work for the entertainment industry for movies and television. But they also handle transcription for corporate, academic, and legal industries as well. What sets this company apart from the rest is the fact they have transcription work available each day. You guessed it this is why they are called Daily Transcription and not weekly. It is also worth mentioning they offer translation services thirteen languages as well.

Daily Transcription - Movie Transcriptionist Job

Is Daily Transcription A Scam?

Daily Transcription is a legit transcription job that actually pays people to transcribe movies from home. They also hire people for a variety of other positions from home and have been doing so for over 10 years

Required Transcription Essentials 

Daily Transcription does not require any kind of past experience doing transcription before. They do however require the following essentials:   
Transcription Essentials
1) You must have Head Phones

2) You must have Transcription Software

3) They highly suggest you have a Foot Pedal but do not require you to have one. 

* Foot pedals make things much easier on you and will be well worth your investment regardless if you are required to use one or not.

4) You must have Microsoft Word

5) You must have their Guide/Sample Page

These just the requirements that I can verify. You may also be required to have a few other things that are essential for transcription jobs such as the following:

1)  You should have High-Speed Internet

2)   You should have Anti-Virus Software

3)   You should have Anti-Malware Software

4)   You should have Grammer and Spell Checking Software

How Does Daily Transcription Work?

If you are hired to work for Daily Transcription you will be hired as a 1099 independent contractor and not an employee. This means you will have no benefits and will be responsible for your own taxes. Transcription jobs are hired on an as-needed. This means your hours will not be consistent and you have no guarantee of any specific amount of work each day. With that said you also will have the ability to pick and choice what work you want to do and do it on your own schedule. Keep in mind after you do accept an assignment you must meet its deadline

Getting Started With Daily Transcription

1) Copy and Paste the following web address into your browser address bar 


2) You will see a description about working as a transcriber for Daily Transcription at the top of the page. Scroll down and you will see at the bottom of the page a career form that you will need to fill out. 
Daily Transcription  Sign Up

3) Enter your basic information Full Name, Email, Location, Where you heard about Daily Transcription. 

4) Add a message, I would suggest your write a few sentences on why you want to transcribe for this company. This is a required step that you can no skip. 

5) Attach your resume and submit your application. This is required and not optional. If you do not have a resume you will have to make one before you can move on to the next step. Make sure to list any similar freelance work you have done in the past on your resume. 

Daily Transcription - Apply

You are now done with your application. However, you sill have to complete one more step before you are finished applying. 

6) After you hit submit you will see a "CAREER THANK YOU" message. This message will notify you that someone from their Human Resources will be in contract with you shortly via email. Shortly after this should receive your testing materials for the Daily Transcriptions transcription test. You then must complete the transcription test so they can measure your skills. 

All Done!
You should be contacted within 48 hours of your test results being submitted.  If your test results do not qualify you for a transcriber position, you sill may be considered for other positions that are open at the time. 

I would like to wish everyone luck that applies!  

How Much Is The Transcriber Salary?

Salaries for transcribers are based on the type of transcription that is required. As well as how difficult each particular video or audio is to transcribe. Daily Transcription salaries can vary based on where you are from and what your job title is.

* For example for the general entertainment transcription, the pay is $0.65 to $1.10 per minute of audio or video transcribed. 

Daily Transcription  - Transcriber Salary

Daily Transcription pays transcribers bi-weekly or every 2 weeks via PayPal

Movie Transcriptionist Scam Or Legit Verdict

Daily Transcription is a legit and promising company to transcribe for. You can make a comfortable living working from home for this company. However, keep in mind this is not guaranteed to you if you are accepted.  As with any "as needed job" you should make arrangements to have other ways of making ends meet if work is not available for you.

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Daily Transcription in the comments below. Do you or have you transcribed for Daily Transcription in the past? Did you feel like this site was legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this movie transcriptionist job review.  

Thanks for reading our review of Daily Transcription and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

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