Cryptospout Review - Get Paid In 62 Different Cryptocurrencies

- January 04, 2018
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Cryptospout At A Glance

Today we are doing a review on Cryptospout, a website that allows you to earn Bitcoin as well as other Cryptocurrencies from home by doing simple tasks. Reward websites like Cryptospout reward their users to do a multitude of tasks such as watching videos, doing surveys, viewing ads, etc. Although, the reason this company is distinct from any alternative reward site is definitely Cryptospout's payment system. This only pays out in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency only. Unlike their competition, they do not offer to pay you with Gift Cards or PayPal. They pay in Bitcoins and cryptocurrency that's it!  Anyone in the world can sign up and use this site. However, as with all sites if you are not in specific high demand countries like the US, CA or the UK you will likely have fewer activities available to you.

What you are paid for include:

➤ Sitting back and Passively Watching Videos. 
➤ Doing Simple Tasks such as checking Hotel prices or Printing Coupons. 
➤ Signing Up for FREE Offers such as a free trial offered by Scribd audiobook company. 
➤ Signing Up for Paid Offers such as an Amazon Prime Trail offer. 
➤ Listening to Music while you do your homework or whatever you may need to do. 
➤ Clicking on Ads often referred to as Paid to click Ads.
➤ Completing Surveys 
➤  Downloading Apps, Games, and software on your Apple, Android, or Windows devices. 

➤ Alternative sites that also pay in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

Is Cryptospout A Scam?

It's sad to say but various scam reward websites exist only to get your private information without ever intending to reward you a dime for your effort. Anyways I would guess you are wondering if Cryptospout could perhaps be one of these websites right?  Cryptospout.com, in fact, is a legit reward site that pays you to do simple tasks online. When I first found out about this site a few months ago I thought it was brand new. However, after some research, I found out this was not the case.  This site was actually founded in 2014 around 3 years ago. 3 yrs and 324 days to be exact at the time of this review.

Getting Started 

Getting Started With Site is really simple. Just follow these 2 steps!

1. Go To the Cryptospout Sign Up Page

Click Here to head there now.

2. Confirm Email 

When signing up make sure to use a legit email that you have access to because you will have to confirm your email address. For some email providers, you confirmation message could end up in your spam folder. So sure to check that if you do not see it.

All Done!!

Now you're ready to start getting in Bitcoin or whatever you favorite Cryptocurrency may be!

Maximize Your Earnings

Cryptospout has a nice selection of tasks to choose from. All of which are from the top Offerwalls that you will find on other reward sites.  My favorite ways of earning Cryptocurrency on this site include Watching Videos, Printing Coupons, and completing Trial Offers. Look for the AdsendMedia offer wall and then you should see the EngagMe.tv offer. You can find EngagMe.tv on other walls but AdsendMedia pays the best rate as of the date of this review. This could change in the future.

Tips to Maximize Your Earnings: 

Watching Videos ➤ Please Clea your Cookies often. This will helps maximize the number of ADS that will be available to you.

Daily Bonus ➤ You will also receive a daily bonus of 3500 points just for completing any task including watching EngageMe.Tv Videos.

Offers ➤ Clearing your Cookies often will help maximize the likely hood of an offer being accepted.

Paid Downloads ➤ Its always a good idea to leave apps and games on your device for an hour or so past the time it says is required.

Site Referral

You will receive a bonus when your friends sign up for you. You will earn 10% of what your friends earn. However, this does not include any bonus they receive. It is important to note that you will not receive credit until your referral has completed the withdrawal process for their points they earn. If for some reason the points are deemed fraudulent during the withdrawal process you will not get credit for the points they earn. Also, that referral will be banned and you will not be credited any bonus points.

Site Payments

Cryptospout minimum cashout is 0.0005 BTC which is worth somewhere around $7.35 at the time of this review. Which seems a bit high now but just a few months ago before the Bitcoin price soared 0.0005 BTC was worth only around $3.00. So I am thinking the people behind Cryptospout may adjust the 0.0005 minimum in the future. Or at least I am hoping so. Given if the price of Bitcoin continues to go up as many expect that number is going to be far too high. 

At the time fo this review they had 62 different Cryptocurrencies to cash out to. See the list below to find out if your favorite Cryptocurrency is on the list.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ox
  3. Ardor
  4. Augur
  5. Bela
  6. Bitcoin Cash
  7. BitcoinDark
  8. BitcoinPlus
  9. BitCrystals
  10. BitShares
  11. BlackCoin
  12. Burst
  13. Civic
  14. Counterparty
  15. Dash
  16. Decred
  17. DigiByte
  18. Dogecoin
  19. Einsteinium
  20. Ethereum 
  21. Ethereum Classic
  22. Expanse
  23. Factom
  24. Florincoin
  25. GameCredits
  26. Gas
  27. Gnosis
  28. Golem 
  29. Gridcoin Research
  30. Huntercoin
  31. LBRY Credits 
  32. Lisk 
  33. LiteCoin
  34. MaidSafecoin 
  35. Monero 
  36. NameCoin
  37. NAVCoin
  38. NEM
  39. Neoscoin
  40. Nexium 
  41. NXT
  42. OmiseGo
  43. Omni
  44. PascalCoin
  45. PeerCoin
  46. PotCoin
  47. PrimeCoin
  48. Radium
  49. Riecoin
  50. Ripple
  51. Siacoin
  52. Steem
  53. Steem Dollars
  54. Stellar
  55. Storj
  56. Stratis
  57. Synereo AMP
  58. Syscoin
  59. VeriCoin
  60. Vertcoin
  61. Viacoin
  62. Zcash

Scam Verdict?

Cryptospout is a legit website that has been around for a while. It has a proven track record of paying its users in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.  It's worth repeating that you can NOT redeem your points for Gift Cards, Paypal or any other form of payment of that kind. So if you are not interested in Cryptocurrencies this is not the site for you. I would instead you take a look at the sites below. If you are on the other hand this may just be what the doctor ordered. With a huge list of 62 different Cryptocurrencies, this site makes it easy to get your hands on little-known cryptos that you have had your eye on without having to signup for an exchange.



➤ Alternative sites that also pay in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

Note: Unlike Cryptospout the sites above also pay out in Gift Cards, Pre-Paid Debit Card, PayPal etc..


Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Cryptospout in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 


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