SuperPayMe Review - Earn Cash From Home Legit or A Scam

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SuperPayMe Review

This will be a review of  SuperPayMe, a website that you make money from home by doing easy micro tasks. This site is what is known as an international GPT (Get Paid To) reward site. Reward sites like SuperPayME pay their users to complete various offers such as watching videos, doing surveys, clicking ads, etc. Not every reward site is legit, however. I guess you're wondering if SuperPayMe is one of those sites? Read Living Cheaply's complete review of this company and decide for yourself. 

SuperPayMe Review - Earn Cash From Home Legit or A Scam

What Is SuperPay.Me?

SuperPay.Me has been live and rewarding its users since 2012 and appears to be based in the United States. They reward their users for doing multiple different micro activities. Such tasks as the following:
Watching Videos
Taking a Survey 
Listening to Online Radio
Visiting Sites
Downloading Apps
Completing Offers

The way they reward you is with points which earn from doing these micro-tasks. You can then exchange your points for Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill Moneybookers, or Payza

Is SuperPayMe Legit Or A Scam?

SuperPayMe is not a scam. They have been paying their users for almost five years now. I have been paid myself many times by this site given it is one of my favorite rewards sites that I have found over the years. This is large part due to their high pay rate compared to many other sites and at the same time maintaining a low cash out minimum amount of $1.00I know it may seem odd for a company to be willing to pay you for doing a brainless task like watching videos right?  The way this reward site is able to do this is by having partnerships with advertisers.  Advertisers often times have a hard time getting their products in front of potential users. Sites like SuperPayMe assist these advertisers and help connect them with individuals they would never be able to otherwise. Whenever users of the SuperPayMe complete offers this reward site gets paid by advertisers. This is why they have no problem cutting their users in on profit.

Getting Started With SuperPayMe

Signing up is really simple and can be done as follows:

1) Sign-Up

2) Click The Link Under New Member
You will find the link at the top of the page as shown in the photo below. 

superpayme sign-up

SuperPayMe Register

3) You will then need to enter your First Name, Last Name, UserName, Password, Repeat Password, Email, Email, and your Repeat Email. Then enter your Address, and then you must agree to the terms of SuperPayMe.  Also, you can enter the email address of your payment options you choose.   

4) Confirm Email
You will have to confirm your email before you can log in. So please use a valid email. 

All Done! Now your ready earn money with SuperPayMe until you have 100 points and cash out to your choice payment.  

Ways To Earn With SuperPayMe 

EngageMe.TV Videos

SuperPayMe EngageMe.Tv Sections

EngageMe.Tv pays you to passively watch videos in multiple categories. Such as the following:

App Trailers

Food Videos 

Viral Videos

How To



Each category rewards you with 0.6 points for every 3 Ads you watch.  Usually, most videos last  2 minutes or less. This option will not earn you a lot of money but given that its passive its an easy way to earn cash while you're doing other tasks. 

SuperPayMe EngageMe.Tv Video

SuperPayMe has an ever growing selection of OfferWalls to do addition tasks. 
The follow is the current list of OfferWalls that they offer at the time of this post:

Adgate - This is a very popular rewards wall with a large selection of Paid Surveys and offers. - Maybe the best option for WorldWide member's because it includes paid offers for a large number of countries
TrialPay - This wall consists mostly Paid trials. With that said you also find a good selection of Paid Surveys and Offers. 
OfferToro - Very popular wall that updates each day with New Paid Surveys and Offers
Wall Ads - This Wall has been around for a long time and has a good track record of rewarding users. 
Peanut Labs - This may be the most popular Offer Wall. It gives assess to a much better selection after you complete your profile. 
Revenue Universe - This Wall is known for pays well compared to others for Offers. 
Adscend Media - Another Offer Wall known for have high paying surveys and Offers. 
Wannads - This Wall was made for WorldWide members. Providing Paid opportunities for a variety of countries.
Radium One - This OfferWall has a good selection of fast and easy offers, including paid videos. 
Minutestaff - This is a Unique offer wall with a ton of easy Paid To Click Offers. 
PTC Wall - This Wall as a good selection of Paid To Click offers. 

Important Tip: Usually Paid Offers will pay somewhere the range of around $1.00-$10.00. This makes Paid Offers the quickest way to make larger sums of cash with reward sites.  Some of these offers may require you to purchase a product or service. Others may offer you a free trial but will require your credit card information to complete the offer. Always remember to Cancel any trial offer before you are charged for the service if you do not wish to continue the trail. 

Important Tip: They Paid Surveys are the second highest paying way to make money with rewards sites. SuperPayMe has a large selection of surveys. Some they host themselves but most are from third party sites. Usually, surveys will reward you somewhere between $0.50 to $2.00. Before you start any study it will show you what it pays if you complete it. They will also give you an estimate for the time it should take to complete the survey. This all said Paid Surveys has a HUGE drawback. This is because you will need to qualify for the survey in order for it let you complete it. Many times you will be 5 or 10 minutes in before you find out you wasted your time. Given this is the case with Paid Surveys with any reward site it's hard to knock SuperPayMe for this. But if you are new to reward sites this is something you should be aware of. 

Paid To Click
SuperPayMe Paid To Click

Most days you will have 2 or 3 offers available to you paying 1-2 cents each. After you click on a banner or link you will be taken to that site.  You will then see a code displayed in the top left of the screen. You will then select the matching code from a short list from a drop down box. They do this to make sure you are not a bot. 

SuperPayMe Paid to click Code

After about 15 seconds you will see a "Return to SuperPay.Me," Message. This means you have been rewarded for the task and you will be ready to do another one. 

SuperPayMe Referral 

You will receive a very generous 25% of your referrals earnings for life. SuperPayMe provides you with a combination of links and banners to share your referral code. Those who you refer will get an $0.20 Credit for joining with your link. Please use our LINK if this post helped you. It helps us continue to be able to make reviews like this one. Thanks to everyone who supports us and reads our posts. 

Prize Contests
SuperPay.Me runs quarterly contests that let top earners win a large cash prize. The terms change each quarter, but it’s usually the top 20-25 members win a cash prize.

The cash prize is divided up between the top earners; total prize amount is generally around $1,000.

SuperPayMe Payment 

Points1 point = 1 Cent or 0.01 

Before you can request payment from this reward site you most first convert your points to a cash balance. This probably the feature I dislike the most about this site. To me, this is just a added step for no reason on my behalf to get my money into my PayPal. That being said this is the way almost all new GPT sites are doing things now. Luckily, this is not too big of a deal given the entire process takes less than a minute. 

SuperPayMe pays very quickly compared to many other GPT sites. They even have instant PayPal payment that goes in just a few minutes after requesting your payment. You do, however, however, have to request a few normal Paypal payment before the instant option is available to you. That said I have was able to withdraw with the instant option shortly after joining the site. Even before the instant option was available to me I could request payment before I went to bed. The following morning my payment would be waiting for me in my PayPal. 

Payment Options  = Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill Moneybookers, and Payza

Scam Verdict is a legit website that has a proven track record of paying their users. I can testify to this myself given the many times they have paid me. This company will not steal your personal or credit card information. They seem to take their users seriously and try to take care of them. They even run contests every quarter that for top earners.  The conditions for the contest change every quarter. Usually, the top 20-25 members all get a portion of around $1,000. In the end, I highly recommend SuperPayMe for anyone looking for a way to make some spare cash only doing simple tasks. Paying a high rate for tasks compared to other sites while at the same time offering a low pay minimum of $1.00. Not to mention they are an international site as well. You will rarely find other reward sites that meet these criteria. This makes a great option for international users and a very solid one from others. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with So in the comments below. Have you used this reward site in the past? Did you feel like is legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this review.  
Thanks for reading our Review!



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