Earnhoney Review - Guide To Make Money By Watching Videos ?

- January 20, 2017

Earnhoney Review

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EarnHoney is not your typical earning site like Swagbucks. You can earn cash by completing surveys, offers,  and playing games. However, EarnHoney is a passive income website mainly know for making it possible for users to make money by watching videos. This is called passive video streaming. Earnhoney claims it pays more for videos than any other GPT (GET PAID TO) site online. 

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Earnhoney Review
They claim they split their profits 50/50 with their users. I can't confirm these numbers but I can tell you I have used these type of GPT sites for the top to bottom and from my experience, Earnhoney pays as good if not better than them all. Making this site a top option to earn some extra income online for anyone who may be unemployed or just someone with some spare time on their hands. 

Devices You Can Use: Earnhoney mobile 

Earnhoney has been used Windows, Linux, Chrome Os, Mac OS,  or any other computer OS that can handle their videos. They also just released their long-awaited Earnhoney mobile app on Android and Roku! Although the Earnhoney app earnings are reported to be low compared to on computer OS


Earnhoney is an internationally GPT program. However, EarnHoney is quick to point out USA users will earn the most due to advertiser demands.  

Guide to earn with Earnhoney 

Earnhoney GuideOf course, the main way you will be earning points with EarnHoney will likely be by watching videos. However, you can also earn points by doing other tasks online as well.  All of which can be exchanged for rewards in the form of e-gift certificates or even cash. 


Earnhoney Videos
The video section on Earnhoney is completely passive meaning they auto play one after another. You can choose from an assortment of various video categories such as humor videos, vehicle videos, medical videos, TV Videos and so on. With each video, an advertisement plays in the beginning of the video, which is why they pay you. 

Watch More Than One Video 

You can make money by watching videos on multiple windows or devices However you paid a much higher rate for the videos being in focus (being the last window you clicked on). Earnhoney Viewability dots at the bottom of each video indicate if you're in focus or not.  Also, remember not to get too carried away and get yourself banned. If you earn over 100 HD/hr from the passive sections you will likely be banned since you are also supposed to be able to actually watch the content that is playing.  
Earnhoney Viewability

Own Videos Vs BuzzTV

Earnhoney BuzzTVSomething to keep in mind is you can play videos directly from Earnhoney its self. Or you can go to the BuzzTV section to do so. I would highly recommend you watch via BuzzTV because you will earn a reasonably faster this way. You will have to install the Earnhoney to do so. But if you're serious about earning money watching videos with Earnhoney it's really a most. 

How to earn money by watching videos 

You only get paid for watching the ads. If you have an ad blocker installed and you likely do. Make sure to unblock each video section your streaming videos in to get money for watching videos. 
Other Ways To Earn


Earnhoney GamesThis section should just be called 2048 since it is currently the only game they offer and have offered.  While you're playing 2048,  ads will play on the side of the website much like with the video section. This is because in reality your not getting paid for the game but just for the ads that are playing next to your game while your playing. In fact, the secret to this method is you don't actually even need to play the game to earn points. Making this the second method available to you for passive earnings. 

Offer Walls:

Earnhoney OfferWalls
Offer Walls is something all GPT sites have. In fact, offerwalls is what is what really makes a GPT site a GPT site. You can get paid to sign up for trial offers or products like Uber, Netflix, Hulu, Target Red Card, Godaddy.Com and many others. Some of the offers are free trials and some are paid. I can tell you from experience its worth it to check out offer walls before you sign up for anything. You will find just about anything on these walls if your search hard enough for it. Why not get paid for something you're already going to be doing?
Earnhoney Badges

Nectar Surveys 

During surveys on Earnhoney is much like with sites like InstaGC or Swagbucks. Earnhoney however, does do a thing they call Badges. You can find Badges on the right side of the screen while you're on the Survey List. How this works is as you complete badges you will immediately earn 5 HD or 5 Cents.  

Promo Codes or HoneyCodes:

You will find their promo codes in emails or on their social media such as FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit. 

Earnhoney Promo Code

Earnhoney Registration Code?

When you use your friends Earnhoney registration code they will get a 10%  bonus of what you earn. Referrals will also receive a registration bonus of 30 HD. You will have to watch a short video and respond to 2 questions about it. This however only takes a moment.  When You fill our their survey profile they will earn an additional  10 HD. 
Would it be better to register for Earnhoney using a registration code? 
Yes, but mostly for your friend.  It is certainly a great way to say thank you to someone for recommending an awesome way to make some spare cash online. If you don't have a friend who recommends you, you can use my code " WsjyoN5g " or use my referral link. Either way, it works the same.  If you do I would like to thank you because you are helping me out and by making it possible for me to take time out to do reviews just like this one on Living Cheaply.

Points Breakdown

You should see your points being added to your account directly after every advertisement plays. These points are called "Nectar". Once you get 100 Nectar it will convert to a Honey Dollar (HD). Honey Dollars are equal to 1 US Cent. 

Payments or Rewards 

You can choose to either be paid in Amazon e-gift certificates or Paypal. NOTE: For your first redemption you only have to have 90 HD for the $1 Amazon Gift Card. After that, It goes up to 100 HD.
Exchange Breakdown
100 HD = $1 Amazon
Earnhoney Payment
500 HD = $5 Amazon
 990 HD = $10 Amazon
 2,450 HD = $25 Amazon
 500 HD = $5 Paypal
 2,500 HD = $25 Paypal
 575 HD = $5 Unverified PayPal

Automate Earnhoney?

Some people have asked me if they can automate Earnhoney. The short answer to that is why would you? Earnhoney is totally passive, with the right setup up it will run uninterrupted for 12 hours or so most of the time. 
Earnhoney bot

I have seen some brag about using chrome with an auto refresh extension set to reload the page every 15 minutes or so. You can do that but you will be risking getting banned. There is simply no reason to take this risk giving Earnhoney should play for hours and hours with no help. I would suggest you change up your setup if this is even a concern for you because it should not be. Try changing up the browser you run the videos in. I use Google Chrome and they run beautifully for the most part. Especially the Tv Glee Buzz Tv videos.  Also, be sure clear your cash cookies and cache every week. If for some reason Chrome does not work well for you try another browser like Opera which I have heard videos run well in. The bottom line on this issue is there really is no reason to even try to automate Earnhoney. 

Bottom Line

I have always highly recommended Earnhoney for to anyone who has an available computer or Windows tablet. If you can leave a computer or two running for long periods of time you can expect to make around 2 to 3 US dollars a day if you follow our Earnhoney Guide. Now with the Earnhoney app with your phone or Roku you can even make a little extra on top of that. That may not sound like a lot but you have to think you don’t need to do anything other than check on it from time to time to make sure an error as accrued. Your device is basically making money for you. 
If I missed anything or you just have a  question I did not cover please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you! Thanks and keep Living Cheaply!

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