Vangoro Review - Get Paid in Bitcoin Scam?

- March 20, 2017

Vangoro Review

Update: As of 5/29/18 I do not believe this site is functioning any longer. When you try to go to their site you are taking to an ad page. I would check out some of the long-standing trusted sites below instead.  

➤ Alternative sites that also pay in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

Earnhoney - SuperPayMe 

 You also may want to check out these two sites that paid out in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in the past but has paused those type of cashouts for the time being. 

InstaGC - Earnably 

This will be a review of Vangoro a brand new GPT (GET Paid To) site that pays in Bitcoin to do micro-tasks on your computer. Currently, Vangoro is giving a 20,000 Satoshi Bitcoin Bonus which translates to almost $0.21. This bonus may go away anytime so I can not promise it will be the same at the time you sign you. 

Vangoro Review - Get Paid in Bitcoin Scam

What Is Vangoro Bitcoin?   

Vangoro is a micro-worker site that pays its users to do following:

Audio Transcription
Paid To Click 
Image Data Entry

The main feature that makes this site out is not how users make cash, but rather how users get paid. Vangoro currently only pays in Bitcoin. This is probably due to Bitcoin becoming so popular lately. 

Is Vangoro Bitcoin Legit Or A Scam?

Vangoro is not a scam, and currently, pays its users in Bitcoin. With that said new GPT sites like Vangoro should be approached very cautiously. New GPT sites, often in the beginning pay their users than all of a sudden stop.

Getting Started With Vangoro 

Vangoro Review

Signing up for Vangoro is simple but they ask for more information than the average GPT site. The process can be done as follows:

1) Sign-Up

Click HERE to head over to the Vangoro sign page. In the first section you will need to enter your username and password, Cashout Pin (For your Bitcoin Wallet), Email, Full Name, Country, Gender Age. 

Vangoro Bitcoin Sign up

2) Enter Basic Information
In the next Next section, you will select your langue and some of your interests. Yow will also have to enter in numbers to validate you are human and agree to Vangoro's terms. 
Vangoro Bitcoin Interests

3) Confirm Email
You will have to confirm your email before you can log in. So please use a valid email. 

All Done! Now your ready to earn with Vangoro until you have 100,000 Satoshi and cash out to Bitcoin. 

Vangoro Micro Tasks

Vangoro has 3 basic tasks you can do. 

1) Paid To Click Pays 50+ Satoshi
This task is exactly what it sounds like. Users just click on a link to check out someone's website or video. 

2) Image Transcription Pays 100+ Satoshi
Vangoro provides users with an image containing characters of letters and numbers.
Users then type the characters displayed in the image. 

3) Audio Transcription 
Pays 200+ Satoshi
Vangoro provides users with an audio clip containing characters of letters and numbers. Users then type the characters said in the audio clip. 

The pay for all 3 tasks is low with few tasks being available as well. 

Vangoro Bitcoin Payment

Vangoro only pays out to Bitcoin with a minimum withdraw of 100,000 Satoshi which translates to around $1.00. Withdraws are charged no fees

Vangoro Verdict 

I would be cautious about using Vangoro until this site better established and has proven track record of paying users over time. However, so far this GPT site is on legit.  However their pay rate is low compared to other GPT sites, So if you are really wanting to get some Bitcoin you would be better off using another site and cashing out to PayPal and then buying Bitcoin with your earnings. With that said if you're in the need for a way to get some Bitcoin directly without purchasing it. Vangoro may be what you're looking for.  

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Vangoro in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

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