Online Shopping Portals | Top Cash Back Shopping Apps

- January 28, 2017

Cash Back For Online Shopping

By now everyone is catching on the fact that if you do any online shopping, you are losing money if you're not getting cash back on purchases. 
You probably also know that there are many websites that give you extra money just for shopping online and purchasing via their links.
What may not be clear however is which of these many cash back shopping portals should you be using. As well as steps to maximize your cash back on your online purchases, such as clearing your cookies before purchases. 

Online Shopping Portals | Top Cash Back Shopping Apps

How Do Shopping Portals / Cashback Portals Work?

how do Shopping Portals workShopping or cash back portals work by first providing you a link on their website that is linked to them. Then after you make a  purchase via said shopping portals website they will be paid a commission. They then in return are willing to give you a portion of the commission they relieve for your purchase. 

Top Shopping Portals 

With so many cash back portals available it can be very difficult to pick one. So what is the top shopping portal? Which one is best for you is going to be based on two factors. What are you buying online? This one is an easy one and you should already know the answer to this one. 

Which Portal Gives the Highest Cash Back?  | Top Cashback Sites 

What is the current rate being offered by each shopping portals for that website?  With so many shopping portals available it would take forever to check them all manually. Luckily we have quick and efficient tools that can check all the shopping portals for you and tell you which will give you the most cash back. 

cashbackholic Shopping Portal
I use a website called Cashbackholic for find the t
op cashback sites. All you have to do is type in the search bar the name of the website you wish to get cash back on. Such as Target for example and hit enter. Cashbackholic then lists the percentage of cash back from least to greatest cash back deals. Keep in mind since rates frequently change you will need to check each time before you make online purchases. 

Shopping Portals percent back

However, I do not always choose the shopping portal that offers the most cash back. The most important reason for this is not all cash back portals have good reputations for paying up. 

To help prevent this from happening to you take a look at my list of cash back portals. I have used and have gotten paid cash back for my purchases over the years for all of these. 

Mr. Rebates, BeFrugal, Ebates, TopCashBack, GoCashBack, ShopAtHome, ExtraBux, Swagbucks, and Splender. 
ebates Shopping Portals
The second reason may not want to always pick the site that is offering the most cash back is you usually have to meet a certain threshold of cashback earnings to cash out. So if you are using a different shopping portal each time you will have a hard time meeting those goals.   

Cash Back Ordering Tips  | Extra Cash Back Deals 

Shopping Portals Cash back tipsAlways make sure you make your purchase by the very SAME window that pops up when you click on your shopping portals link to the retailer. If you check out via a different window that was opened before or after you clicked on the portals link. You will most likely not receive any cash back.  

Also, it's a very good practice to always clear your cookies before using any of the online shopping portals. This will help the shopping portal recognize that you went to their site and used their link to the retailer you made your purchases from. 

Remember you can get an extra cash back deal by combining cash back sites with cash back credit cards with your purchase. 

Cash Back Shopping Apps Not Online

Online shopping portals are great for buying things such as Tv's, Dvd Players, Protein Powders, Makeup, etc. But what about groceries and other items in stores? The following apps will give you cash back on the food you buy every week with ease. 

1) IBotta

 Cash Back Shopping App Ibotta

IBotta is probably the most well know shopping app for in-store purchases. They give you $10 as a bonus just for signing up and redeem your first rebate.

 Ibotta's cash-back app pays you via rebates that you can select before you even go shopping. After you download the Ibotta app, the first thing you will want to do is look for deals you like. To qualify for the deals you find you will have to click on the deal and then either do a short survey or watch a short video. Now your ready to go shopping at whichever stores you would normally shop. Lastly, you will need to verify your purchase by taking a photo of your receipt and uploading it to the app. All Done! You should now see cash back within 24 hours

I personally used this app to get cash back on every single Kroger shopping trip I make. Trust me I do not go out of my way to purchase things they are offering a rebate on. I only get things I would normally buy and still always end up with cashback. 

2) Checkout 51 

Checkout 51 Complete Review
 Cash Back Shopping App Checkout 51
Checkout 51 works almost just like our first app iBotta. The one advantage that this app does have over Ibotta is you can use is you can shop at any store and redeem your cashback. You also do not have to worry about doing the short survey or watch the short video. You simply select the offer and your off and running. To cash back you will first, download the Checkout 51 app. Afterward, you will find deals that you like and select the offers. You will then be ready to go shopping. Purchase products that you selected and upload your receipts. You're Done!  

Tip: Checkout 51 updates their offers every Thursday. So you will want to keep an eye out for deals you may miss out on if you wait later in the week to check on.  


3) Shopmium

 Cash Back Shopping App Shopmium
Shopmium's stand out features is they offer exclusive cash back on products that you will not find anywhere else. Shopmium also, allows you to look for special discounts on products at retailers near you. To get started you will first, select your items as you would with Ibotta and Checkout 51. You will then head to your local retailer and purchase the product. Lastly you as with the first two apps you take a photo of your receipt and submit it to the Shopmium app. All Done! Now just wait for your cash back to be deposited in your bank or Paypal account. 


4) Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog Complete Review
 Cash Back Shopping App Receipt Hog
Receipt Hog works a little differently then the apps we have talked about so far. Instead of money, this app rewards you with "coins".  But don't worry you can exchange your Receipt Hog coins for cash or gift cards later.  Another huge difference is your sometimes earn slot machine spins instead of coins for scanning your receipts. This can be a good thing if you have a good spin or a bad thing if you do not. Personally I would rather be given a fixed amount. But I have never been known for one to gamble. 
Receipt Hog will reward you with coins that can be turned into cash for receipts from stores like Kroger, Dollar General, Walmart, Costco, Safeway, CVS,  Petco,  and GNC.  
For stores like Best Buy, Old Navy, Staple's, Home Depot and Macy's they reward you with slot spins.  


5) Walmart Savings Catcher

Cash Back Shopping App Walmart Savings Catcher
Walmart's app gives you the ability to create a shopping list,  reorder refills from the Walmart Pharmacy, and search for items within a specific department.   However, the feature that makes the app really special is the Savings Catcher. Savings Catcher automatically rinds out if a competitor is having a special deal that makes their product cheaper than at Walmart. Saving Catcher will automatically pay you the difference in the Walmart Gift Cards. 

With the Walmart Savings Catcher, if a competitor advertises a special deal for a lower price, Walmart will give you the difference in the form of an e-gift card. 

Conclusion | Top Cashback Sites  

With the methods listed, you will have no problem saving yourself a nice sum of money each year. If you take the time to carefully select a few cashback sites. Trust me, it will payout in the end.  Just keep in mind to always follow my tips when ordering via your selected top shopping portals and you will be gold. 

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