Ibotta Cash Back App Review

- March 08, 2017


Couponing has gained a whole new meaning in this new generation. Paper coupons are now a thing of the past, thank goodness for that! Not only is paper couponing time consuming it can get a bit overwhelming as well. But What if I told you there is a way to still save money at your favorite store without the all the hassle and it's FREE!

Ibotta cash back app review


Ibotta is a FREE app compatible for iOS and Android that allows you to receive cash back on everyday purchases like groceries, electronics, beauty, and clothes. With over 100 stores to choose from, Ibotta makes saving simple and fun. It's very user-friendly and allows you to save even more on top of any in store savings and your manufacturing coupons.

Below is a small list of stores you can find Ibotta rebates for although keep in mind they offer over 100 different store rebates so finding a retailer you use should be simple.
-Dollar General
-Dollar Tree
-Family Dollar
-Food City
-Piggly Wiggly
-Sams Club
-Whole Foods
-Sally Beauty Supply
-Best Buy
-Toy R Us

Ibotta also offers rebates when you use certain retail apps like Jet, Boxed, Hotels.com, Ebay, and JoAnns.


1. Sign-up here, it's FREE and create your profile. This includes name, email, and PayPal/Venmo account information to receive your cash back.

2. Before shopping unlock your savings. Simply select your store you plan on shopping at, scroll through the list of rebates available. Click the picture, click the unlock bar, watch the short video or answer the quick question and viola your rebate is unlocked.

3.After shopping, you will need to verify your purchase. At the bottom of your screen hit verify purchase. Simply scan your product barcode and capture a picture of the receipt. Make sure to include the date of purchase when snapping the picture or the rebate will not go through.

4. You can cash out when you reach $20 through PayPal/Venmo or purchase a $20 gift card from various stores. Amazon, Olive Garden, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and Cabela are just a few examples you will have to choose from. 


Ibotta offers you extra cash bonuses for buying specific products. For every friend that uses your Ibotta referral code and start using the app, you will receive $5. Also, you can receive a $10 welcome bonus when you try the app for the first time. If you do not have a referral code to use please use ours and help us continue to be able to make posts like this one. 

Referral Code: CJBBRQX


Couponing can be time consuming and a hassle. With Ibotta you no longer have to worry about clipping or organizing your binder full of coupons. Their user-friendly app has everything you need to save and more. To maximize your grocery savings take a look at this Checkout 51 review. Another cash back app for your everyday grocery purchases. I personally use both apps to double my cash back savings!

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