2018 Ultimate Guide to Making a Living Online

- January 01, 2017

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Ultimate Guide To Making a Living Online. Accurate as of 08/24/18

This is a new guide I'm creating for complete newbies to Pros. Most people aren't going to make a full-time living working at home. But it can be done if you know what you are doing and are willing to put in the work. The awesome thing about working on the internet is you have a ton of areas to choose from. We will be exploring everything from getting Paid To Sites such as Swagbucks and InstaGC. To freelance work such as Affiliate Marking, Social media Marketing, Writing, Web Design, Programming. 

Freelancing jobs is by far the best paying work that you will find on this list. 
Get Paid To Sites are great for a little extra cash or a time you just don't feel like using your brain. Otherwise, you will likely make more with Freelance work. 

Making a Living Online Writing

Making a Living Online Writing

Whats best is anyone can do it as long as you know how to something as simple as writing a 300 article. If you are a bit more experienced writer you can expect quite a bit more. 
 That said if you are not the best writer the pay may not be much better than the rest of the gigs on the list. 

If you are a poor writer you will likely find yourself writing for what is referred to as content mills. The most common known content mill that you will read a lot about is called TextBroker. They have very low standards and also pay a very small rate in return. You expect to make around 2.00 for a 500-word article if you this route.

For legit writing jobs, I would suggest you check out Upwork.com or Problogger.com. On Upwork you can set your own rate and also bid on gigs posted by others. You may have to start out taking a little less than you deserve. To get your user rating up and then, of course, you may start easily getting over $50.00 an hour if your good. You will also find work for other tasks for those are can do Affiliate Marking, Social media Marketing, Writing, Web Design, Programming, etc. Once you have a nice rating you could make well over $50.00 for any of these tasks. 

Problogger, on the other hand, reminds me of indeed other for writing jobs. You will have to apply for jobs on there like you would with any traditional job. But most of the job postings are for long-term high paying gigs. If you can impress and get the gig you can make some really nice cash. 

Earn A Living Doing MicroTask Sites?

These sites will have you doing simple tasks such as taking surveys or categorizing a web page. You will not make nearly what you could do freelance with these sites but you can make more than you would with Get Paid to Sits. The tasks are usually fairly simple but may take some time to understand completely. 

Amazon Turk is the best-known site of its kind and has recently in the past few years opened up to much of the world after only being available in the US for some time. 

Earn A Living Doing MicroTask Sites?

Register HERE Clickworker/UHRS Link

Clickworker has been around for some time is one of the top sites when it comes to doing simple tasks online and getting paid a decent rate for it.

Hive Micro These tasks are super simple but will not pay you quite as much as you would with Amazon Turk and Clickworker. In fact, the pay will be more in line with getting Paid To Sites. 

Earn A Living Doing Get Paid To Sites

These gigs are more for some spare cash. Although I do know of people that claim to make a fairly respectable living doing these sites. I am not quite sure how but I suppose its possible if you really pushed yourself and really knew what you were doing. For most people like myself that just not happening. With these sites, you will do surveys, click ads, watch ads, simple tasks, do web searches, listen to music, etc. 

Register Here Swagbucks Refer Link 

Earn A Living Doing Get Paid To SitesSwagbucks at first seems too good to be true right? They are just going to give you free stuff for just searching for a word in their search engine, watching videos, answering a few simple questions. Well, it turns out that is exactly how their site works. Swagbucks is no Scam! I know have been using their site daily for the past few months. I don't make a ton of cash but hey its money. I usually take in anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 a day. Again not a ton of cash, but that more than pays for my cell phone bill each month. And most of what I am doing I would be doing anyway somewhere else for free. I will warn you at first its really difficult to get things rolling. 

For A Short Time!

Hey, guys, I have been using Swagbuck's for a while now with Success. Even after the changes that have been made recently I Still make 4.00 to 6.00 dollars a day. I have heard how many are struggling to make extra cash with Swagbuck's these days. So here is what I am willing to do. For anyone who signs up under my Referral Link I am going to be their personal Swagbuck's Coach! PLUS whatever bonus I get from your referral in the first month I will PAYPAL that money to you! Just comment with your email address after you sign up for my Referral Link and You will be a part of my Team.


Register Here InstaGC Refer Link

This site is very much like Swagbucks only you get the benefit of instant payments ego their name. 

Read More On INSTAGC Here 

Register Here Clixsense Refer Link

This site is very ad clicking focused, otherwise much like the others. 


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Living Cheaply would love to hear about your past experience in making or trying to make cash online in the comments below. Do any of you actually make or living or do you just make some spare cash? Was any of your experience with these sites gigs different than mine? I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 


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