WyattDeals & Below Cost Club Review - Amazon Promo Codes

- November 24, 2017

WyattDeals & Below Cost Club Review

We are reviewing two websites called WyattDeals and Below Cost Club. WyattDeals is a new web app which provides its users with coupon codes to get 50-90% off Amazon products. The owner of this site Pat actually used to run another well known Amazon discount site called HonestFew
HonestFew's focus was on reviews for products. Sadly shoppers can't trade discounts for reviews anymore.  As of Oct 3, 2016, Amazon discontinued the ability to offer that service. Pat's response to what must have been devastating news at the time was to push forward. Instead of giving up he started a totally new company.  Including a new team, new software, and new basically a new everything. In the aftermath WyattDeals and Below Cost Club was born.  Below Cost Club is the seller-facing site where Amazon sellers can go to have their products listed on WyattDeals. Don't miss out on Living Cheaply's complete review on these sites and discover what we uncovered. 

What Is WyattDeals & Below Cost Club 

WyattDeals provides users with promo codes to get discounts on Amazon. Below Cost Club is the place sellers can go to have their products listed with coupons on the buyer site. Basically, they are brand new sites. Both are less than are less than 1 year old at the time of this review. WyattDeals and Below Cost Club is currently only for United States buyers and sellers. Other nations are expected to be added in the future.  

Are Theses Sites Legit Or Scams?

Sadly various scam coupon sites exist only to get your personal information without ever intending to [provide you with the promo codes your seeking. So I am guessing you're asking yourself if WyattDeals or Below Cost Club could be one of these sites right? Thankfully the answer is no. There has been no report of either of these sites acting in any way that they do not suppose. Also, the maker of these sites used to run a similar site called HonestFew that faithfully provided a similar service for quite a while with no issues. 

Getting Started With WyattDeals

Getting Started With WyattDeals is really simple. Just follow these 2 steps!

1. Go HERE to their sign up page.
You should see a list that looks something like the one below with Amazon products that you can get promo codes for. 

You will see a list of Amazon products that you can get promo codes for. 

2. Click the Green drop down arrow. 

After you find a product you are interested in getting, click on the green arrow.

3. Now Click on "Get Coupon Code". 

After clicking on the green drop arrow you will see the Get Coupon Code box that you will need to click on. 

4. Now Enter your Email Address. 

After clicking on Getting Coupon Code you will see a dialog box pop up that should look something like the one above. Simply enter your email and click ok or press enter. 

All Done!!  You're ready to enjoy your codes! You will be taken to a page that looks something like the one below. Click on the Generate Code and the Promo Code will be revealed for the product you selected. And now that you're signed up you will now only have to click on the product you want in the future to be taken to this page. 

Why Join 

WyattDeals & Below Cost Club


  • Free  ➤  It is completely free to join and get Amazon Coupon codes.
  • Stays Fresh  ➤   They are always updating with new deals. 
  • Deal Email Notification  ➤  They deliver deals to your email after you sign up. 
  • Products Hosted on Amazon  ➤   All products on the site are hosted on Amazon, so shoppers can enjoy Amazon's world-class service and shipping. 
  • Way Four     Sentence 
  • No Mandatory Review Required   ➤ The main difference these two sites and Pat's old site HonestFew is you are no longer required to leave a review. 

Below Cost Club

  • Strengthen Products    This service will help launch your new products and strengthen your old ones. 
  • Access To Reach Shoppers   ➤ With WyattDeals they provide you with the ability to reach shoppers through a unique channel.  
  • Unlimited Number Of Submissions    Sellers are given the ability to have an unlimited number of submission. All of which will cost a flat affordable fee.  

Site Verdicts

Pat's new buyer site WyattDeals is, in fact, legit and does a nice job of providing its users access to promo codes.  Both on the site its self as well as to your email. Given it is completely FREE to join I say you have nothing to lose. Just do not get carried away and buy things you do not need just because you are getting a coupon. If you keep an eye on the deals they have you should find more than a few deals that will save you money. Also, if you are a seller and looking for a way to get your products some exposer. Below Cost Club may just be your ticket to get your products out there. If you have any questions on either site I would shoot Pat a message at [email protected]. He responds to emails quickly and is quite helpful if you have any questions. 
Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with WyattDeals or Below Cost Club in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 


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