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- February 13, 2017

HonestFew Review 

Update: HonestFew is now WyattDeals. If you would like to still get Amazon Promo Codes Click HERE to check out our review of WyattDeals


A great way to save money and live cheaply with Amazon is to use one of the Amazon review sites that have been popping up over the years. These sites allow you to purchase products from Amazon at a great discount or even FREE. The review site we will be focusing in on today is called HonestFew. 

The Purpose of HonestFew

HonestFew is a site made for the purpose of helping sellers get their Amazon products promoted. You see often times sellers will have a hard time trying to climb up the product rankings. This is important because if their product does not rank well buyers will not see their products listed. As a result, they will likely make little to no money.  One way for sellers to fix this issue is by receiving good product reviews. Now given the seller will not likely be seen until they sales products and won't likely be able to sell their products until they are seen. Sellers find their self in interesting a situation. 

Luckily this situation does have a solution and you would be correct in saying its Honest Few. However,  more accurately the solution would be you. Sellers will give you a promotional code in order to help kick-start their product. These promotion codes will give you a large percentage of your purchase of one of the seller's products, or even often times will give you the product to try free of charge. Important NOTE: HonestFEW used to require you to leave an honest review in exchange for your discount. This has now changed as a result of changes to Amazon policies. This is no longer required.  However, you can still leave a review if you like. 

HonestFew Review Tips

After the changes, we are no longer required to leave reviews but that does not mean we shouldn't. You are not likely to get approved for the many of the better discounts if your account does not have a history of leaving good reviews. Always be honest when you are writing your reviews.  Of course, sellers will love higher reviews. Improving their product is usually equal important. Do your best to give as many details as you can. With that said you do not need to write a novel. This is only a product review after all. Be sure to include what you liked about the product and what you did not. Most importantly make sure to state whether you would recommend the product or not.  

Shipping Is Not Always Free With Amazon Product Reviews

Ofter times buyers are confused by products being listed as free on HonestFew and still have to pay for shipping. Sometimes the shipping will be free if your product fits is over $50.00 dollars. Or if you purchase the HonestFew product with other eligible items adding up to $50.00 dollars. Otherwise, you will have to pay for shipping. 

Always Get Free Shipping On Your HonestFew Products

This is why I would highly recommend you sign-up for Amazon Prime to get free two-day shipping on all your HonestFew products as well as your normal purchases. I do not want to pay their $99 fee, you can try out Amazon's  30-day free trial instead.


Honest Few is an Amazon review site worth considering. They are not as good as other sites in their field, but it’s nice to just to be able to check your email and find you have a chance to try a pretty cool product for free. You can check HonestFew yourself by clicking this LINK

You may not receive your first email for some time. This is normal, often times HonestFEW only send out offers every few weeks. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life!

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