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DollarTracks Review

This will be a review of DollarTracks an international GPT (Get Paid To) site. GPT sites are basically sites that pay you cash to do mini or micro tasks However, DollarTracks offers something that is pretty neat that you will not find on any other GPT site that I am aware of. They have an Auto Surf system that pays you to have you browser auto surf websites.  

DollarTracks Review - Legit Paid To Auto Surf Site?

What is DollarTracks 

DollarTracks is another online GPT company that gives you points for completing multiple different micro activities. Such tasks include 

Auto Surfing
Watching videos
Taking a survey 
Listening to online radio
Visiting Sites
Downloading Apps
Completing offers

The points you earn from doing these micro-tasks can then be exchanged for gift cards, Bitcoin, or Paypal cash.  

Is DollarTracks Legit  

I know it may seem like a scam for a site to pay to leave you computer on, but DollarTracks is legit. Although I know many people were disappointed when they found out that auto surf only lasted 24 hours. However, this does not make DollarTracks a scam. 

How Does DollarTracks AutoSurf Work?

DollarTracks pays you for simply leaving your browser open on your computer. You only have to start the service up in your browser, and the service surfs the web automatically without any interaction from you. I know of a few other sites that pay you for doing something similar but they do not have it set up the way DollarTracks does. However their pay a flat very low rate. What is different about DollarTracks is their leveling up points system

DollarTracks AutoSurf Point System

DollarTracks points system has four levels. As your level raises your pay rate also increases. They way you can increase your level is by completing other tasks on the site such as doing surveys, watching videos, doing trail offers, etc. As you complete these tasks on top of the points you earn that can be converted to cash you also earn what  DollarTracks calls AS (AUTOSURF) credits. For every single point earned you earn an equal amount of AS credits. 

DollarTracks auto surf gears

1) Level one is called Low Gear. This is the level you will be on if you do not earn credits and upgrade your level at all. You will earn $0.003 earned for 24 hours auto surfing. Auto surfing at this level is a complete waste of time.  

2) Level two is called Mid Gear. This level will cost you 100 AS Credits. At this level, you will earn $0.05 earned for 24 hours auto surfing. Again not worth the trouble for this rate. 

3) Level three is called High Gear. This level will cost you 500 AS Credits. You will earn $.50 every 24 hours auto surfing on DollarTracks at this level. Now we are talking, we can actually earn some cash at this rate. 

4) Level four is called Insane Gear. This level will cost you 1000 AS Credits. This level will earn you $1.50 for 24 hours of auto surfing. If you do the math this is the level you want to cash out for by far. 

When DollarTracks released their gear system many people thought once you purchased a gear you had it for life. Although this would be great this is not how the leveling system works. The level upgrades only last for 24 hours and then your back at level one. 
Important Tip: You most have pop-ups enabled for DollarTracks in order to receive credits when you are auto surfing. 

DollarTracks Referral Code

DollarTracks has s 2 tier referral system. For every friend, you refer directly to DollarTracks you will earn a bonus of 10% of their earnings. You will also earn 5% of the earnings of the people your referral refers to the site. If you’d like to support Living Cheaply, you can use our referral link. We’d greatly appreciate it!

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DollarTracks Payment 

DollarTracks Points

Points: 1 point = 1 Cent or 0.01 

Before you can request payment you most convert your points to a cash balance. This is one feature I really do not like since this is just a added step for no reason on my behalf to get my money. With that said I understand this is a very common requirement for many of the new GPT sites. 

DollarTracks Payment

Minimum withdraw is $0.50 US PayPal
Minimum withdraw is $1.00 US Amazon

DollarTracks pays very quickly compared to many other GPT sites. If I request payment before I go to bed. I will usually find it in my PayPal this morning.

Payment Options  = Paypal and Amazon Gift Card 


Overall the DollarTracks seems like a solid GPT site. They have a great selection of offer walls to choice from. 
DollarTracks Offers

DollarTracks rewards you with a competitive pay rate when compared to other popular GPT sites. More importantly, they pay in a timely manner. Also, DollarTracks dos a good job of answering questions. and are available to answer questions. Chat box and the mods and site admins are always right there in the chat to answer questions, plus they are very nice. These are some important factors I look for in a GPT site. I would stay away from auto surfing until you make enough for the fourth level insane Gear or the third level High Gear

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with DollarTracks in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

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