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- February 16, 2017

FusionCash Review Introduction 

FusionCash is a legitimate site that you can make money from home with. This rewards site as been paying users for years. FusionCash pays you to do simple tasks such as watching videos, trying out trail offers, taking surveys and downloading apps to your phone or tablet. They will even give you $5.00 dollars just for signing up. After you read this FusionCash review you should know how to earn money with this reward site. 

What Tasks does FusionCash Pay You For?

FusionCash pays you for completing a wide variety of tasks.  Many of the tasks available are super simple and mostly passive. However currently, you must live in the US or Canada to do any tasks for FusionCash. The tasks that are available for you to complete will largely depend on which nation you reside.

This is a current list of tasks that are available on their reward site which they will pay you to complete:

Watching Videoes 
Paid To Click
Read Email
Completing Tasks
Downloading Apps
Listening to the Radio
Making a Phone Call
Referring Friends

Tip: Clicking Ads or paid to click is a super easy 15 cents a day. However, you will need to earn 5 cents in non-bonus credits before you will be allowed to do paid to click. FusionCash also has paid to read for 2 cents a per email. As well as a forum posting bonuses. 

Why would Fusion Cash Pay For These Tasks?

The reason FusionCash is willing to pay you for doing such simple tasks is the result of their relationship with advertisers. Whenever you do a task such as watching a video on their reward site, FusionCash gets paid a commission. In return, they are will to give a portion of their profit to you the user.  

Start Making Money Online With FusionCash 

To start making money with FusionCash you will do the following 3 steps.

1. Sign up for a FusionCash Account. To sign up and make an account click this link HERE. You will need to enter your basic info such as your name, email and zip code. If you’d like to support Living Cheaply, please use our referral link HERE We will greatly appreciate it!

2. Verify Email Address. After signing up you then must verify your email address by clicking the link FusionCash sends to your email. You then will fill out the remaining profile information.

3. Collect your $5 dollars. You will automatically receive your $5 dollars credited to your account within minutes of signing up.

How To Earn Money With FusionCash

With so many tasks available it can be confusing when it comes time to figure out how to earn money. This is why we choice to break down each task type to help clear things up for you. 

Paid Downloads to Mobile or Tablet Device 

This is the easiest section to make money with FusionCash.  To access this section you will have to log on to your FusionCash account using your browser from either a tablet or mobile device. Then you just download one of the listed apps and earn some cash. FusionCash generally will pay you somewhere around $.50 cents to $2.00 dollars for each app you install on your device. 

Tip: If you do delete the app right after you install it you will likely not be paid. Always open the apps you download after you install them. Also, it helps to leave apps installed for at least a few hours after installing. Finally be sure to check back often since FusionCash adds new offers every day. I highly recommend you use this section if you have any device you can download the apps on do it. 

Paid To Watch Videos 

Videos are probably the easiest way to make money with all GPT or get paid to sites. That's right you can get paid by just watching videos. However, the payment for watching videos is pretty low. Usually, around 1-2 cents per video with each one lasting a coupon minutes most of the time.In regards to earning rate watching videos pays maybe the lowest on the site. This would be ok if the videos were completely passive such as with Earnhoney or Yoolotto. I would suggest you look at Living Cheaply's reviews on these sites if you are really wanting to earn money via watching videos. 

Paid To Call

Paid To Call section usually just has a few offers, but the pay rate is really good.  After you sign-up, you will be given an easy offer to briefly call an auto insurance company for $2.00 dollars. Offers in this section don’t take long to complete.  You will only be required to stay on the line for 3 minutes.  Of course, if you do not like talking to sales reps you may want to avoid these offers. 

Paid to Listen to the Radio 

Listening to the radio live watching videos pays a very low pay, but this is the most passive task available on FusionCash. Users get paid $.03 cents for every 30 minutes they listen to the radio. However,  you will be required to enter a captcha code after the 30 minutes has passed. Tip:  If you Earn at least $.15 cents in one day and you will get a bonus of $.01 cent. Honestly, I would not recommend this for those who do not enjoy listening to the radio given the payout is so low. On the other hand, if you listen to the radio while you're doing other things might as well get paid for it right. 

Paid To Click 

I mentioned this section earlier regarding making the easy 15 cents. With that said you may still have a few questions about this section. To start you will find this task under the Paid To Click tab. Like if mentioned before however you will not be allowed go to the paid to click page until you at least do 5 cents of another task first. Once this is done you are paid to click on advertiser banners and links. You can choice what type of Ads or links to view by using your sidebar on the left to choose the category of ads you want to see. But you still have viewed as in  4 different categories in order to get your 15 cents and then click on an ad.

Tip: To get credit you must you must view content pages for at least  2 1/2 minutes to your easy 15 cents. Keep an eye on the timer on the page. This will help you to keep track of your overall time. I highly recommend doing this section since it is super easy, but you can only do this offer once every day. 

Micro Tasks 

This section is controlled by Crowdflower which is a micro-task company that almost all GPT sites have on their site. Crowdflower tasks are generally easy but with a low payout until you reach higher levels of Crowflower. If you would like to know more about Crowdflower check out our Guide to reach level one quickly on Crowdflower which opens up the good tasks.  I do not recommend this section at all if you are not planning on getting your rank up to at least a level 1. FusionCash is also not the GPT site I would recommend doing Crowflower task with. Check out our guide for more. 

Refer A Friend 

IF you Refer a friend who confirms his/her email address: You earn a $1 bonus
IF Your friend completes his/her first offer: You earn a $2 bonus
IF Your friend cashes out: You will earn a $5 bonus 

FusionCash referral bonuses are available for life! If you’d like to support Living Cheaply, please use our referral link HERE

Payment Methods

FusionCash lets you a choice to withdraw your funds via PayPal if you live in the United States or Canada. Direct Deposit and Check are also available but only for the United States. FusionCash does not charge any fees regardless of the method you choice. 

Tip: FusionCash has few rules with Paypal withdraws.These rules are very reasonable for the most part. Such as you may not share a Paypal account with another FusionCash user. Your Paypal account must be verified and in the same location which you reside. Your Paypal account must be in your own name. 

Payment Procession Time 
FusionCash sends you payment on the 20th of the month after your request. Payments are always paid quickly and on time.

FusionCash Two Issues 

I have two big issues with FusionCash and both are regarding payments. These issues are not deal breakers but absolutely something you should be aware of before you start. 

Issue One - Cashout Threshold 

Something that I personally find to be a big drawback with FusionCash is the cashout threshold of $25 in order to cashout. Also, it is important to know that $15 of this must be non-bonus. 

Tip: You will be about to tell your bonus from no bonus credits by viewing your account page. Your bonus credits will have an easy to notice green plus sign right next to them. 

Issue Two - 180 Day Cashout Rule

This policy made me seriously worry if FusionCash would be a legit way to make money from home. As much as I do no like the FusionCash cashout threshold I really do not like their 180-day policy.  The 180-day policy states that you will lose your earnings if you do not cash out your money within 180 days of earning it.  Now with this said if you use this reward site consistently you will have not problem making $25.00 within the 180 days. Of course, if you do not use FusionCash consistently you may likely lose your earnings before you have the chance to cash them out. 

Tip: Your expiration dates are listed next to your earnings when you check your earnings history. Each task as or set of tasks will have their own expiration date depending on the day you completed each. 

Conclusion - Legit Way To Make Money From Home 

FusionCash shines when it comes to downloading apps. You will be hard pressed to find another rewards site that will pay as high of rates for downloading apps. Also, do not forget to do your Paid to Click each day for your easy 15 cents. For those who do not mind talking to a sales rep for 3 minutes. The Calls are a great option as well when they are available. Finally always remember to cash out your rewards before they expire! In the end, you can make money from home with FusionCash if you know how to earn money with this reward site. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with FusionCash in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

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