Yoolotto Review - A Lottery Mobile App with Yoolotto Referral Code

- January 14, 2017

Yoolotto Review 

YooLotto is a free money earning lottery app that is now available for both Android and iOS devices. As the name implies YooLotto has something to do with the lottery. Although they are much more well known for the video watching section of their app in which you are paid to watch ads on your mobile device. This lottery mobile app does have some promise for users that purchase lottery tickets quite often. You will need to enter a Yoolotto Referral Code once you download and install the app. You can use mine SARG48 this will give you a $0.25 bonus and help me out as well. 

Lottery app - Yoolotto Referral Code 

Lottery Ticket Scanner - So whats the deal with Yoolotto and the Lottery? 

Yoolotto pays you to win or lose for your lottery ticket. Yoolotto is the only lottery app that I know of that does this. You just scan your ticket with the app and earn points that can be redeemed for some of your cash back that you just lost on that losing ticket. 

How much does Yoolotto Pay You to Screen your Lottery Tickets.  ?

For losing tickets you will be paid $0.25. On the other hand, if you win Yoolotto pays you the amount that you are supposed to win on the ticket. 

Yoolotto vs Perk Tv

Some of you may be thinking of have heard of this before. Since there is another very well know app that is also available on both Google Play and iOS that pays you for running ads on mobile devices called Perk TV. Yoolotto although similar does differ in a lot of ways. 

1. Only ADS YooLotto ONLY plays ads that pay you and no trailers. 

This seems like a no-brainer to me. I don't think many people use this kind of apps for the awesome trailers. And since you only get paid for the AD anyway that has to be a plus.  
2. Only ADS YooLotto as of now are allowing unlimited devices 
How long this will be in place I am unsure. It was 10 however before so they tend of have a much higher device limit then perk who is to be rumored to be under 5 This may be a good or a bad thing depending on your perspective. 

3. Daily Check-In 

Yoolotto pays you for simply checking into their app once each day for 0.01. This is not much but hey its still free money so that is a win for Yoolotto 

4. $1.00 Minimum Withdraw To Paypal or Amazon

YooLotto reward in their currency called Youbux. 1 Youbux is equal to $.01 cent USD. Once you reach a minimum of 100 points on YooLotto you can cash out for $1 in cold hard cash to your Paypal account. If you don't have a Paypal you can cash out in Amazon Gift Cards. 

Yoolotto Cons 

So as good as YooLotto sounds from my experience there is one big drawback. Ads do not continue to run for very long. So YooLotto requires a reasonable amount of babysitting as it often unresponsive or crashes. Often if you peek over at your device during the day you will find your device with just a spinning circle on a white screen earning you no cash. This means the App is looking for AD's for you. To be fair usually, in time the app fixes this its self. After it finds AD's Yoolotto starts playing AD's and making you money once more. Regardless this happens far too often and you device spends too much time not making you anything. And for some, there have been reports the AD's simply do not run at all. 

Yoolotto Referral Code SARG48

YooLotto now has a new referral program. You will get a 10% bonus of all your referee's earning until 1/1/2018. Use a Yoolotto referral code to start to out with a $0.25 bonus! Mine is --->>>  SARG48

The Bottom Line

Anyone that purchases a lot of lotto tickets is going to want to have this app as your lottery ticket scanner. With $1 tickets and $0.25 back, that's a nice kickback. Also if you have spare phones laying around collecting dust and you have time to keep an eye on them then the passive watch section may be beneficial to you as well. 

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