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- April 28, 2018

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Frugal Meals

Eating out can be a huge expense. On average a decent take out meal going for $9. With the same $9 easily feeding me for the entire day. The key is to be organised and plan ahead so that you can always feed yourself frugal food at home.

    Purchasing in general

Buy in bulk. Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Buy what is on special. Buy the cheapest cuts of meat. They always turn out great in a slow cooker. Fugal healthy meals are possible! Frugal eating does not have to be unhealthy eating. 

    Blender - Such As My Magic Bullet Blender You See Below

You can find this blender pretty cheap for around 30 bucks. Its perfect for what it does and a lot cheaper then its competitors. If you don't already have one you may want to check the Magic Bullet out.  Always have frozen mixed vegetables and fruit in cause your run out of fresh. Smoothies can taste great and are great for you. Go regularly to local farmers markets and get some cheap organic produce if your can.

Frugal Recipes 

Example Smoothie: -Kale -Ginger -Celery -Beetroot -Apple -Cucumber

I suggest Investing a decent blender. If you are doing this a lot with your run of the mill blender. Your going to be purchasing a new one every few months.  I figured this our the hard way. Which prompt me to invest in a good one and it was the best kitchen investment I ever made. Your health is a worthwhile investment even for the frugal. Fugal healthy meals are worth the extra cost. 

   Slow cooker - Frugal meal planning

Preparing meals a head of time in bulk will save time, money and help you reach macro/caloric goals. They are idea for fugal recipes for families. With a quick google search you will find hundreds of slow cooker frugal recipes.  Look for "chuck it all in and wait" recipes.

Do this and you will always have prepared meals waiting in your fridge or freezer. Slow cookers are a most in order to have tasty fugal family meals or even personal on hand.  


   You can use white rice but        brown is works best. Serve    everything with  rice or a  wholemeal pasta if you prefer.  Just boil and strain. Check out  bulk options such as at Costco  or Sams Club. Bulk rice is  insanely cheap frugal food!


   Oats was a staple I had every  single morning. It's cheap and  delicious. The non name brand  oats is the way to go. The brand  name varieties are just $2-4 but  that's still 2-4 times more  expensive.  Add your favorite  fruit to change it up like sliced  banana. Let it cook along with the oats. Add some milk if that's what you like. I preferred to add coconut cream and coco at the end.


   Buy the cheapest ground beans  that you can. A decent french  press or aeropress will make a  respectably cup of coffee and  they cost next to nothing. 6  cups of coffee purchased from  your local coffee shop will  likely equal out to the cost of a  basic french press.

 Fast meals

   To avoid eating out always  have some ingredients around  so that you can quickly throw  together a quick meal.



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