Teacher Appreciation & Graduation Week Gifts & Party Ideas

- May 14, 2017

Teacher Appreciation & Graduation Week

Summer is here ya'll!! The school year is coming to an end, graduation celebrations are beginning and let's not forget May 14th celebrating all our sweet mommas for all they do.This month has a lot going on and after spoiling all our mommas our extra cash for this month is dwindling down. With that said thanking your kid's teachers or congratulating that special grad for all the great work they have done doesn't have to be costly. So like I promised in my previous post, Last Minute Mothers Day Ideas, I have compiled a list of easy, cheap and quick teacher appreciation and graduation week gifts/Party Ideas that they will LOVE! It's never about how much you spend it's simply the thought that counts ya'll!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We all have had that extra special teacher who has gone above and beyond for us. Below is a list of top frugal Pinterest ideas to let your teacher know they are appreciated! 
 With mothers day coming to an end flowers are everywhere to be found and often discounted for last-minute Mother's Day shoppers. A simple bouquet of flowers with this clever tag is a personal way to say thanks for all you've done

Teachers LOVE usable gifts. Cuts down on classroom expenses for them. This is a super cute idea they are sure to love and be grateful for. Stop at your local Dollar Tree their teacher aisle is loaded with all kinds of goodies!

 Ain't no one gonna turn down a homemade cookie. Bake their favorite cookie or if you're short on time run to your local grocery store grab some cookies and attach this clever saying to it. 

So if you haven't noticed by now I LOVE to play on words!! You can get so creative and personal with these. I do this all the time. So cheap and fun. Head to your local Dollar Tree grab a box of $1 candy and attach your clever thank you appreciation saying. It seriously doesn't get any simpler than that ya'll!

Senior Graduation Party Ideas 

Pinterest is full of wonderful party ideas, but before we know it we've pinned a zillion pins and what started out as cheap DIY cheap has gotten expensive, time-consuming and out of hand. So check out the tip frugal DIY Pinterest party ideas below. 

This is such a cute way to decorate your beverages to go with your theme. Just head to your Dollar Tree and get some construction paper cut in squares and you can get creative with the tassel. You can use yarn, streamer, construction paper, anything to make a couple of slits into getting that tassel look!

 Everyone LOVES cake pops. They are super cute and simple to make. If you are super short on time these are great and your guest will love the creativity. Reeses, Mini M&Ms, Hershey's bar ( Flip it over to get the smooth side), Chocolate frosting(acts as your glue), Cake pop sticks, and sour patch straws or Twizzlers, any type of string candy. 

Here are a couple of party ideas I have done for cheap. They are universal just change the colors add 2017 and you got yourself a grad party! Balloon Banners and Streamer backdrops are always in! Make your own cardboard 2017 banner and cover it with a streamer. Possibilities are endless.

Gifts For The Senior Grads

Sending that special loved on off to college or congratulating a senior grad can get a bit expensive if you don't stay focused on the big picture here which is what do grads NEED. If you read my Mothers Day post you know my love for gift baskets and how they can work for any occasion. Whether you are buying for a high school grad or a college graduate you can never go wrong with gift baskets. 

Examples of items for gift baskets (All of these items can be purchased at the forever frugal Dollar Tree!)
 -Laundry Detergent
-Air Fresheners
-Cleaning supplies
-Personal hygiene products
-Coins to do laundry
-School supplies(notebooks, pens)

Final Thoughts

Gifts don't have to be extravagant to be appreciated. I've found when it comes to giving gifts the simple personalized gifts are the best. So surprise your teacher or grad with these top frugal Pinterest ideas. Don't worry if you're not the crafty one in the family. These a fail-proof ideas the will take the stress out of gift giving. I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more frugal ideas to make your life simpler. 


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