DIY At Home Projects - Storing Spices In Mason Jars

- May 15, 2017

DIY At Home Projects 

Hello, my crafty friends! These last couple months I have been trying to get a bit more organized, not just because it looks good on the outside, but it actually is relaxing. Yeah, running around like a chicken with his head cut off is getting really old ya'll. So with that said I thought I would begin where I dread to be at the most in my house and that's my kitchen. I use to think I hated to cook, but after I have done this simple organization fix I have found joy in cooking again! My husband and I are all about the spices, so much so we buy them in bulk to save money. I'll explain all about that in the next blog so be sure to subscribe and check back! Back to what I was saying, we cook every day to save money on eating out and to control what we actually are actually putting into our bodies. We generally have a counter full of spices out while cooking. Of course, that's after searching endlessly in our spice cabinet for the right spices and then cleaning up our mess of the spilled out spices because the top is too small to get anything bigger than 1/2 teaspoon in the top. The struggle has been real. This DIY at home spice jar project literally changed our lives and it only took me 1 day to complete! It's so simple yet so clever, so stop putting it off and let's get organized in our kitchens ya'll! 

Storing Spices In Mason Jars 

So I am a bit obsessed with the $1 target section. I found these super cute mason jars that make perfect spice jars. The tops are these are just one lid, unlike the typical mason jar lids where they come off in two parts. 

You might think this is a petty thing, but the small things add up saving time and easy access is my main goal here. And due to the ever so the popularity of the mason jars you should have no trouble finding some that will work for your taste.
With this part, ya'll can get ALL kinds of creative. I used my Cricut to cut out vinyl stickers, simply because I had the scraps of vinyl left over from other projects that needed to be used. No Cricut no problem you can use stickers, stencils to sharpie the names on, whatever works best for you. I personally stuck with a generic font because I wanted any friend or family member to be able to glance and grab when cooking in my kitchen. Instead of trying to decipher what the cute font was saying ( I can't take credit for this idea my husband thought this and in this situation, he was right simple works best).
Clean the jars and place your stickers on top and enjoy! I place mine in a drawer next to my stove for easy access to grab and go as needed.
I HATE those small spice jar openings. I always spill the spices out while trying to hit my measuring spoons. These jars are perfect to fit all those measuring spoons comfortably inside! You do not have worry about waste while storing spices in mason jars. 

Final Thoughts

Let's be honest there are a billion things I'd rather be doing than cooking in the kitchen after a long days work. This simple organization has completely simplified the daunting task of everyday cooking. I wish I did this sooner! Be sure to check back each week for a new DIY At Home Projects. Also, I'll be letting where to buy spices in bulk for cheap. Be sure to subscribe you won't want to miss it!


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