The Dollar Tree Store Products To Buy

- March 09, 2017


The dollar tree store has an abundance of deals, as well as, some duds. With everything priced at just $1, it's easy to get caught up with a cart full of not so needed items. Check out the list below to make sure you are gaining the most for your buck at your local dollar tree! Keep in mind each dollar tree may not offer all items on this list as it varies from store to store. Also, visit the dollar tree's website dollartree.com and check out their free ship to store option to make your shopping experience even simpler. 


This is a MUST buy, with various sizes and themes the dollar tree store should be able to cover all your wrapping needs for just $1. No need to go out and spend a ton on fancy wrapping when you can get a similar look for half the cost
The dollar tree store party gift wrap

-Tissue Paper
-Gift Boxes
-Wrapping Paper
-Gift Bags
-Curly/Regular bows              -Ribbon
-Gift tags(Christmas time)

The dollar tree store cards


Dollar tree store offers a wide selection of American Greeting cards for just $1! Makes you think twice before buying that pricey card again.


This is another MUST. From Birthday parties to wedding and baby showers the dollar tree store has got you covered. Party supplies are often way overpriced at other retail stores. With everything just $1, you can still throw a fabulous party for less. They have themed or solid color party supplies, which allows you to get creative and try those Pinterest pins you've been eyeballing.

The dollar tree store-party supplies-Party Utensils
-Paper Plate/Cups/Napkins
-Birthday Candles
-Various Size Serving Trays
-Party Bags/Favors
-Decorating Pom-Poms
-Party Invitations


Just about every season is covered by the dollar tree store. They have a ton of seasonal decor, decorative baskets (For example Easter Baskets, trick or treat buckets and Christmas stockings) and lots of odds and ends, which makes for great holiday crafts or use for stocking stuffers and gift bags for the kid's classroom.


This is a section to always scan by, whether you are looking for something for yourself or the kids, you'll be surprised at what you can find for $1. For example Disney, Sesame Street, Chicken Soap (books not the can), bibles, and sometimes you can even find best-selling authors for just a dollar like Nicholas sparks. Again this varies from store to store, but what a great inexpensive gift for that book loving friend.


Great for entertaining the kids on road trips, doctors appointments, and kid party favors. With a wide variety including the popular adult coloring book, Star Wars, Disney, Lisa Frank, Hello Kitty, and Christian theme (I'm thinking a VBS must have).


Update your home with Dollar Tree home decor.

-Variety of sizes and colors of picture frames
-Metal wreath rings (Great for that Pinterest project!)
-Artificial flowers and floral supplies (again great Pinterest project materials)
-Storage baskets
-Candle holders


This could be a hit or miss. Here are some items to definitely consider while you are shopping at the dollar tree store.

-Tin Foil/Aluminium Pans(Holiday parties)
-Steel Tongs
-Glass Mixing/Prep Bowels
-Cupcake Liners
-Chip Clips
-Measuring Cups
-Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils
-Sink Strainers
-Cooking Funnels
-Kitchen Cabinet Storage Shelves


The Dollar tree store has a variety of drinking glasses great to buy if you're moving out on your own for the first time, heading off to college, for themed dinner parties, or use to make part of a gift with because each season they have decorative glasses.

There are however kitchen items I personally would not purchase check down below for a list of items not to buy at the Dollar Tree.


With tons of choices the dollar tree allows you to easily keep your office stocked up on supplies.

-Various sizes of mailing envelopes
-Bubble Wrap(Great for moving)
-Packing Tape
-Paper Clips
-Metal Binder Clips
-Hole Puncher
-White Out
-Sticky Notes
-Multicolored Service Bells
-Push Pins


Let's be honest those back to school list teachers have seemed to get longer each year and not to mention all those school project costs can add up real quick. The dollar tree store has various supplies to help lessen the cost.
-Basic Calculator
-Poster Board
-Hand Sanitizer


Believe it or not some dollar tree stores carry name brand bread. Be sure to always check the expiration date before purchasing. One option is to freeze the bread that is close to or on its expiration date. It's a simple way to save a few bucks.


The-dollar-tree-store-candy Any type of movie or entertainment event usually has overpriced food. Next time you go to that sporting event or go watch a movie plan ahead and stock up on the $1 boxes of candy. Also, they have tons of seasonal candies to use for treat bags, stocking stuffers, Easter basket, and so on.


A lot of people overlook this item. I can see why since it's not something to take lightly. Word on the street is they work just the same as the overpriced name brands.


This is another hit or miss category, I tend to lean more toward the accessories than the actual chemical cleaning products. Check out my other post on how to avoid chemical products altogether and still save money here

-Latex Gloves
-Scrubbing Sponges/Brushes
-Trash Cans
-Various size Storage Bins
-Clothes Hangers
-Plastic Mop Buckets
-Laundry Baskets


With everything just a dollar it is much easier to get deceived into thinking you are receiving a great deal. Check out the list below of some items you might want to steer clear from the next time you are shopping at the dollar tree.

-Electrical: This is one item you get what you pay for and when it comes to all things electrical going cheap isn't always the best move. Things could get damaged easily depending on how cheaply they are made or even worse catch on fire. When it comes to electrical I always spend that little extra for safety reasons.

-Pet Food: You always want to make sure you are purchasing the best quality food for your pets just as you would do for yourself. Experts have noted that they may not have quality regulations that other grocery stores have on their pet food. So I would rather be safe than sorry and consider purchasing pet food elsewhere.

-Toys: This again is one thing you do get what you pay for so definitely take this into consideration before purchasing especially for the little kids where things break easier and safety could be a concern.

-Plastic Containers: When it comes to food storage you don't want cheap products. Recent studies have shown these products may not be the safest products out there. Don't buy cheap when it comes to storing your food.

-Soda: You can usually get a better deal at your grocery store for under a dollar so I would pass on these

-Batteries: These batteries may not have the long lasting effect that the name brand batteries do. You may think you are getting a good deal but over the year you may actually be spending more depending on the frequency you are buying them. I normally just wait for the coupons or catch the name brands on sale and stock up.


Don't just think of the Dollar Tree as a cheap place to shop. Give the Dollar Tree a chance, you will be amazed at what you can save!


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