Aloe Vera Skin Benefits

- June 04, 2021

You learn about things like aloe vera from a very young age when you grow up in a dry climate. Dry climates can be an unforgiving place for your skin. Although there is more than one way to combat dry skin, aloe vera is by far my favorite. Of course, combating dry skin is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the wide-ranging health and skin benefits of this amazing plant. 

Best of all is in most situations it's fairly easy to grow your own aloe plants and enjoy its wonderful benefits free of charge. Also, it's widely available in lotion form if you want to have a quick and easy way of getting the benefits of this amazing plant. 

List Of Aloe Benefits

Aloe vera is high on that list of useful plants. First, it is introduced as a good way to soothe the sting of a sunburn. In desert areas, people are taught how to use it to ease the pain of cactus spines. They are even taught that, in a pinch, the gel inside can be drunk like water.

Aloe vera, like most desert plants, is good at two things. Collecting water on the rare occasion that it does rain and then storing that water for very long periods of time. Aloe vera does things by collecting water as it runs down its long, wax leaves, and then storing it inside those leaves, which are difficult for animals to eat or damage.

This makes the gel that is stored inside of the leaves very moisturizing and exceptionally nutrient-rich, which is why aloe vera is perfect for skincare. There is perhaps nothing better than aloe vera for skincare. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why:

The Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Aloe Vera

It reduces the inflammation that comes along with burns. Whether it is a sunburn or a burn sustained from cooking or coming in contact with something else very hot, Aloe vera is the first thing that many people reach for when the sting becomes too painful to bear. Why Aloe vera? First, for the sensation that it produces.

Aloe vera actually has a cooling effect, even if the gel itself is room temperature. This may be because the skin is producing its own excess heat, but also simply because aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and is actually easing the inflammation caused by the burn.

Aloe Helps To Promote Healing

There are all sorts of damage that the skin sustains on a daily basis. Sunburn is the most common, yes, but pollution can also damage the skin, as can dryness and heat. We may actively hurt the skin, too, by popping zits, worrying about blemishes, or picking at dry, flaky patches. All of this damage can leave lasting marks on the skin, some of which are very obvious, and some of which lurk underneath the upper layers of skin and become prominent only as we age.

Aloe vera, because it contains high levels of nutrients, can help the skin heal itself better so that there is less lasting damage that later manifests itself as the signs of aging.

It Moisturizes Effectively

Perhaps the most significant reason to use aloe vera for skincare is its ability to effectively moisturize the skin. Those with oily and dry skin alike will love the clean, efficient moisture that aloe vera delivers directly into the skin. It doesn’t just moisturize the skin, it also trains the skin to hold on to moisture longer.

Many people struggle with the fact that they often have to moisturize in the morning, and then again in the middle of the day, and then again before bed. Using aloe vera can make this much less necessary, as the skin will actually hold on to the moisture that it is given for a longer amount of time.

You Can Use It To Treat Acne

We were all told, as teenagers, that we would only have acne during those teenage years. By the time that we became adults, it was supposed to go away. Most people find that that is not necessarily true. But aloe vera can come to the rescue.

In addition to the beneficial hormones that promote skin healing, proper moisture, and reduce inflammation in the skin (meaning that blemishes will be less red and therefore less noticeable), aloe vera also has antimicrobial and detoxifying properties. Using aloe vera gel for skin means that your skin will not just be better moisturized, resulting in less oil production, but also cleaner, which means fewer clogged pores. It really does not get more comprehensive than that.

The Skin Gets The Right Nutrients From It

The skin needs the right nutrients in order to properly deal with the pollution and contaminants that attack it on a daily basis. These nutrients make the skin strong and resilient. Most of the moisturizers and chemicals that we put on our faces today do not contain the right levels of these nutrients if any nutrients at all.

Aloe vera, on the other hand, is packed with nutrients that the skin needs in order to build strong layers that are unaffected by wind, heat, sun, and pollution. Because it is also a moisturizer, aloe vera is a very effective delivery system for these nutrients.

Age-defying Properties Of Aloe Vera

Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common signs of aging and they usually crop up around the eyes and mouth. They can start forming as young as age twenty, so starting a regimen early to help stave them off can prevent skin from looking very tired and worn by the time someone is thirty years old. With aloe vera, this is very easy.

Every person needs to moisturize their skin, and using aloe vera to do just that can also provide you with protection against the signs of aging. If they have already started to appear in your skin, aloe vera can still help. Properly moisturizing your face will keep skin from becoming too brittle and too sunken, keeping you looking young.

Aloe Vera Also Soothes Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you probably already know exactly how frustrating it can be to try to find products that do not irritate or inflame it. Aloe vera provides all of these benefits to sensitive skin, while also banishing redness and reducing swelling and inflammation that other products would actually cause. 

The cooling effect that we have all observed with aloe vera when it is placed on a burn, can also help with rosacea, natural redness, or redness caused by blemishes and pimples.

Aloe vera is widely known as a remedy for burns, but its effects on skincare go far beyond just helping to cool off and heal burns. Using it on a daily basis is a great way to help promote healing and luminosity in all types of skin. Its unique benefits are as effective for those with oily skin as they are for those with dry skin. Anyone who has struggled to find a skincare product that can actually solve a range of problems, without the nasty chemicals dumped into most products, should try aloe vera for skincare.


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