PrizeRebel Review - Is This Rewards Site Legit?

- June 02, 2019

PrizeRebel Review 

This will be a review on PrizeRebel, one of the oldest rewards sites on the world wide web. If you are unfamiliar with rewards sites they pay users to do a variety of different offers such as doing surveys, watching videos, clicking ads, etc. This site specifically has paid its users since 2007! Hard to believe reward sites were even around back then. Their experience in the industry is evident as soon as you go their website. The site has become very stylish and refined over the years. When reward sites tend to fail over and over again. A classic reward site like this one that you know as been around and intends to stay around is a welcome assurance. As with any legit rewards site, it's FREE to sign up. Though, what makes PrizeRebel different from other reward sites is actually their excellent choice of high paying paid surveys.

What is PrizeRebel.com?

PrizeRebel is a rewards site or what some call a Get Paid To site. This simply means you get paid to do various tasks. If you have used sites like InstaGc, Earnably, or GrabPoints in the past you will feel right at home. Tasks you may do include answering surveys, watching videos, completing offers and doing tasks. After you have reached a minimum of 200 points, you can exchange those points for rewards value at 2 dollars. This means 1 point is valued at 1 USD cent.

Is PrizeRebel Legit or a Scam?

PrizeRebel is %100 legit and is certainly no scam. I know it may seem strange for a company to pay you to seemly meaningless tasks as watching videos and taking survey's but they do none the less. Business is willing to pay good money to get feedback from potential customers. Anytime that helps the business make better products is a high value to them. This all being said sites like this one do exist that are in fact scams. However, those sites pop up and are gone simply overnight without paying their users. That description does not remotely fit this site.

On the PrizeRebel homepage right now you will find a statement saying they have paid out over $17 million in cash and rewards since 2007. Besides that, you will find a counter showing that they have over 8,200,121 members! They are even not shy about letting you know how much users are making right now. I love this transparency and shows users they have nothing to hide. But maybe the most impressive counter is the one for their current number of reward options which stands at a whopping 504 at the time of this review.

Getting Started 

Becoming a member is absolutely free. On their homepage, you will be prompted with the option to either signup with two different options. The first option is to use your Name, Email, and create a Password. The second option is using your Facebook login information. Be sure to use a legit email since you will need to confirm your email address. Now you are ready to earn some free points for doing a walkthrough of the ways to earn on the site. After completing that you can move on to the Survey Questionnaire Profile. This will help you get higher paying surveys that are best suited for you.

Ways to Earn 

Update: The easiest way to earn cash is to just enter a Promo Code. 

 You can now find the latest PrizeRebel Promo Codes right here on Living Cheaply! 


Surveys are where this site really shines. They have one of the largest inventory of surveys among reward sites. In fact, you can do surveys from over 10 different survey providers. In order to maximize your survey earnings always take your time and be honest. Surveys companies have ways of detecting if your lying. For instance, they will often ask you the same question near the start and the end just to make sure you are not just clicking anything. Another way they can detect you're not giving honest responses is by how fast you respond. Speeding through surveys too quickly will cause it to be flagged. Another way is by asking random questions just to make sure you're paying attention. For instance, the question may specifically tell you to pick C within the question its self. If you picked anything else your busted. If they do detect your lying you will immediately be disqualified. So please take your time and remember to give honest responses. As with any of these sites, your answers are completely anonymous. The responses are simply used to help product researchers find ways to improve.

Watching Videos 

Watch videos that interest you and they will play ads in between. Ad companies pay them to put ads in front of you. And they, in turn, pay you for watching them. The more videos you watch the more you earn.


They have 8 plus offerwalls to choice from. Within each, you will do things like signing up for trial offers and downloading apps. The trails or apps can be free or paid. Be sure to follow the directions completely. I never recommend doing any paid offer unless you are already going to purchase the trail or app anyway. So the reward your getting is just icing on the cake.


Tasks are brought to you by Figure Eight. A company that specializes in microtasks.

Membership Tiers

As you earn more points your membership will be upgraded to new tiers. They have 5 membership tiers. Each tier you go up you get better and better benefits.

Tier 1 - Bronze: No Points Required

Benefits - 15% Referal Bonus

Tier 2 - Silver: 1000 Points Required

Benefits - 20% Referal Bonus

Tier 3 - Gold: 4500 Points Required

Benefits - 25% Referal Bonus - Automatic Prize Processing - 1% Special Bonus - 1% Prize Discount

Tier 4 - Platinum: 10000 Points Required
Benefits - 25% Referal Bonus - Automatic Prize Processing - 2% Special Bonus - 2% Prize Discount

Tier 5 - Diamond: 16000 Points Required
Benefits - 30% Referal Bonus - Automatic Prize Processing - 3% Special Bonus - 3% Prize Discount

The special bonus is added to your points at the end of the month. The amount you get will be based on your membership level and how much you earned over the month. 

Getting Paid

Once you have reached the minimum of 200 points (worth $2.00) you can request payment. The only downside is you can not request Paypal payments until you have reached at least 500 points (worth $5.00). Users also have to option to request custom payment amounts as long as its more than $5.00. As well as the option to choose from over 504 reward options.


PrizeRebel is a legit reward site that specializes in surveys. Users should not expect to replace their regular income with this site. However, the opportunity to earn some nice supplement income is there for sure. That being said if your not a fan of surveys this may not be the reward site for you. For those of you who don't mind surveys, I believe you will have good luck earning some nice supplementary income.

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with PrizeRebel in the comments below. Have you used this classic reward site in the past? Do you feel like they are legit? We would love to know what you guys think!

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