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- March 05, 2017


This is Living Cheaply's review of a new dating site Phrendly. Phrendly.com is a new dating site that gives real money to men and women to chat with each other. The idea behind the site is to offer a platform for guys to talk to girls without what they refer to as a downside of an expectation of a real world meeting. 


Are you aware for many guys, the main value they receive from dating sites is just sending friendly messages back and forth?  Keep in mind although the site was made for men in mind, women pay too if they start the conversation.  If you want to earn money and not pay you must wait for him or her to contact you. 

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Whoever initiates the conversation pays. 


Yes, the way it works is you will be getting paid for texting and chatting with guys or gals. Also if you want, they will pay you for talking on the phone as well. Phrendly does keep your number private if that is a concern for you. Everything on the site happens through Phrendly's special relay numbers. This is done in order to keep users number safe and private. Phrendly also uses a unique vetting process to ensure they have legitimate users. Part of that process is to have users verify their phone. Some do not like the idea of this step due to privacy concerns. 


Sign-up for Phrendly is free and should take around 5 minutes to finish. 

1. Enter your email address. 


2. Answer basic info questions about you that you would enter on any dating site such as your race, age, sex, who you're seeking, etc. 

3. Last part of the sign-up process will be to enter your phone number and confirm the code they text you. 

4. Finally, you will have to upload your first photo. 

After you upload your first photo your profile will be public and others can contact you. 



For a guy to chat with the gals they must first share a virtual "drink" . The cash value of the drink is transferred to the ladies account as the account as the conversation progresses. Phrendly takes a cut of the value for its operating expenses. 

Phendly Drink Pricing

 $10 DRINK

 $40 = DRINKS

 $90 = 10 DRINKS

Offline Messages

For offline messages, users get paid $0.35 for each text they respond to within 24 hours.  You can choose to bank you Phrendly money or use it to initiate other interactions with other people on the site.


Users can cash out via direct deposit every day as long as they meet the $10 minimum withdraw threshold. Phrendly also pays via check, but they only make payments once a month with this method. 

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Phrendly requires users to give their social security number before their first cashout. This for good reason is a deal breaker for many. 


Phrendly-ProfilePhrendly offers an emotional reward for some in the form of attention from of a guy or girl. On the other side of the coin they offer a more tangible reward for others in the form of real cash. Phrendly is a well designed and many have been making a decent amount of extra cash doing it. For my self I do dislike a few things about the site. Firstly I do not like that you must give your social in order to cash out. Not that this is unreasonable because its not giving its a site that pays you. With that said many other sites pay you without this requirement. Secondly just the concept of being paid to chat with others does not appeal to me, but that's just my opinion.  

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Phrendly in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

Frugal Earning Online - Phrendly Review 


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