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- March 02, 2017


Areyoubt ReviewBest Teacher, Inc. or Areyoubt is an online English tutoring service for Japanese students. Best Teacher, Inc. hires English tutors from all around the world. Luckily you do not need to know how to speak Japanese in order to be an online tutor. Basically, their tutors help Japanese students improve their pronunciation using voice recorders online. Tutors Reply to messages and edit conversations for students during their free time.

Areyoubt How To Guide
To be a tutor you have to take a quiz and do an interview over Skype. Important Note: If you are hired to work for Best Teacher, Inc. you will have the freedom to work at home without any time or location restrictions. Meaning you can work whenever and where ever you like. However, as with almost anything else Areyoubt has peak hours that will be the idea for you to be available. 



If you are hired with Areyoubt you will be doing online English learning and conversation tutorials which consist of 4 stages. 

4-stage English 

Tutors are responsible for helping students work on a different communication skill at each stage of the Areyoubt learning process.

The 4 stages are as follows:

  1. Writing: Students write down what they want to say, and then your tutor corrects their grammar. 
  2. Reading: Tutors make sure students are reading English correctly. 
  3. Listening: Tutors provide a voice recording for students so they can listen and practice anytime they want.
  4. Speaking:  Tutors help students with students own original script that they make themselves. This happens over a 25 minute Skype call. After going over the script with the student the tutor and student will have free talk for the remaining time. 
Students interact with qualified teachers online during all stages.

Important Note:  Areyoubt lessons must be completed within the hour of accepting them.  Skype lessons are done live so you will be working on these at the time you accept them. 

Apply for Areyoubt

 The hiring process for Areyoutbe can be broken down into 4 steps as follows:
  1. Submit your resume at areyoubt.com. 
  2. Wait to be contacted for an interview. (The interview will be over Skype but with only voice. No video interview) (Areyoubt will only ask simple questions about you in the interview to access how well you speak English. )
  3. Areyoubt will send you a link for your training sessions.  (You will have to pass the interview in order to make to this step.)
  4. You are all done just wait to be contacted via emails and skype. (You must pass your training to make it to this step and be accepted as a teacher.)

Areyoubt Payment

Best Teacher, Inc. pays in Japanese yen. You can request payment once you hit the minimum payout threshold of 1000 yen. 1000 yen is roughly equal to $8.76 in US Cash at the time of this post. Areyoubt only pays once a month via PayPal.  

Pay Scale

Areyoubt Salary

10 yen - For doing a single a conversation and recording. This goes for correcting and replying.  

50 yen - For doing a full set of conversation recordings. 

340 yen - For doing a Skype lesson which lasts 25 minutes each. 

I know this pay rate is fairly low right? True, if your only help one student at a time. However it important to remember you can work with more then one student at a time with Areyoubt.

Conclusion - Areyoubt.com Legit 

Areyoubt is a legit online tutoring company that has a proven track record. With a very flexible work schedule Best Teacher, Inc. may be the idea for some. However, the pay rate at Areyoubt is fairly low compared to other online tutoring companies if you can't multitask. Areyoubt also prohibits you from working with other tutoring companies while you are under contract with them. Still, this company can and has worked out well for many and maybe you too?

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Areyoubt in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

Frugal Earning Online - Areyoubt Review 


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