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Techniques for Lightly Guilting Your Family on Facebook into Signing Up for gpt Sites under your Affiliate links?

Getting referrals can be really difficult. That is why I had to do a ton of research and figure out how to to do it. They following tips is what worked for me. 
NOTE: Never just give someone your Affiliate link. You want to breakdown how to use a site. If they are just signing up you won't make much from that.
Breakdown how to use the site and make some extra spending cash.

Post Easy Worth Wild Offers

Find easy worth wide OFFERS and make a post about an easy "XX" amount of money at "your gpt site" and include your info. People who have an account already will obviously not contribute to your refs, but people who were on the fence might join for an easy buck or two.

Join GPT Facebook Groups

Join GPT Facebook groups for sites like instagc or Swagbucks.  Once you get to know people send them private messages. Don't spam people you never had conversations with.

Set Down With Them

Going to family and friends homes and sign them up.  Set down at their computer and help them make there first twenty bucks or so. Once they she they can actually make money wit the site they will be hooked. 

Offline Affiliate Tips

Go to VistaPrint and get 100 free business cards and print our your referral link on them. If you have a Swagbucks account as a bonus, you can earn 8 SB or 8 cents for every dollar you spend there with Swagbucks.

Good Luck I hope these tips are as much of a help for you as they were for me!

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