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What is ? 

This will be a review of HiveMicro which is also known as Hive. or Hive is a new website that pays you for doing micro jobs online. These micro jobs are similar to the jobs you may do on GPT platforms like CrowdflowerCurrently, the only available type of tasks HiveMicro has available is content moderation. They also promise to soon offer text translation and text classification micro tasks as well. These tasks also are not timed and allow you to take your time if you want. However, if you want to make any real cash with Hive Micro you are going to want to do these tasks as fast as you can without messing up. Messing up is a really big deal because you are given an accuracy rating by Hive Micro and if you fall below their standard they will not pay you.

Hive Micro Review

What is the Content Moderation Micro Job?

The Hivemicro Content Moderation micro tasks will consist of you rating images and classify them into particular categories.

Update: Hive Micro recently add an extra category to the content moderation tasks called Marketplace Banning. Hive also added a General Jobs section which is basically temporary tasks that come and go.  At the time of this update, they had one job called General Race Appearance

Hive Micro Jobs

They now have three different type of content moderation tasks in their general jobs area, NSFW Images,  Market items, and Marketplace Banning

For example, NSFW consists of rating adult content based on four categories. They are as follows

Clean,  Explicit and violent, explicit and sexual and PG-13.

Hive Micro Online Training

The first thing you will have to do after you sign up is to do their online training for one of the content moderation micro jobs. You will review the guidelines and learn what is expected of you. Then do a practice module and then a test module. After successfully completing all of this you then can move on to paid rating. Pay Rate

NSFW Images: Pays $0.50 per 1000 Images rated. ( The rate for NSFW used to be $1.00 per 1000)

Market items: Pays $2.00 per 1000 items rated. 

Marketplace - Item Banning: Pays $2.00 per 1000 items rated. 

How to sign up for Hivemicro ?

Copy and paste the following into your address bar to sign up for Hive Micro.

You will then be asked to fill in your basic information name, address, email. Then you will be asked to give information for your Paypal which can be skipped if you rather do that later. Payments

Payments are not paid out until you meet the threshold of $20.00. Once you get at least $20.00 you will be paid the following Monday via Paypal.
How do I get paid? Scam?

HiveMicro is not a scam and currently, pays its users. With that said this micro job site is still very new and should be approached very cautiously. Sites like these, often in the beginning pay their users than all of a sudden stop. Users have also reported HiveMicro banning them after they fall below accuracy very quickly. 

Hivemicro Review  |  Conclusion

As I mentioned before I would be cautious about using this site until it is better established and has proven track record of paying users over time. However, so far the micro job site is on the up and up and seems like it may be a promising site. In my opinion, their pay rate is a little low. HiveMicro disappointed a lot of their users when the cut the pay rate in half for the NSFW micro job. I would like to see them correct this and add higher paying tasks. With that said if you're in the need for a way to make some extra cash online for simple micro jobs, HiveMicro may be your ticket. 

Alternative CrowdFlower

If your are interested in doing micro tasks but would rather use a tried and proven platform you should check out our review for CrowdFlower. This review also includes a guide to gain access to the Crowdflower entrance exam link in order to get more higher paying Crowdflower Micro Jobs?

Frugal Earning Online - Hive Micro

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