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- March 02, 2021

Eligibility - InstaGC is available to almost everyone on earth since it's an international reward site. The only catch is you must be 18 years old or older or have parental permission

How To Use This InstaGc Promo Code

1. Look for the REDEEM category located on the menu bar. Now look for the  Point Booster Codes button and click on it. 

2. This will take you to the InstaGc Promo Code page. Now Simply  COPY and PASTE this PROMO CODE.   

InstaGc Code Alert For All Nations Found On 03/02/2021    

Gift cards
 Expires: When Next Code Is Released
 Nations: All Nations
 Code-Value:  10  
 Join-Now :

Code Not Working? 

Don't worry we have a couple of tips to help make sure you receive your free InstaGc bonus. 

1. The first thing we have to do is make sure the above booster code has not expired. If that is the case no worries we will post new ones as soon as they are released. This should rarely happen given that InstaGC codes are usually good until the next is released. If the code is not expired proceed to step 2.

2. Now that we know the code is not expired we must figure out why it's not working. We need to make sure we are entering it correctly. You will see get an ERROR if there are any SPACES at the START or END of the PROMO.

About InstaGc
InstaGC is a reward site that provides its users with instant rewards. What that means is when you request a reward you will receive it almost instantly after your request. This is unusually given most reward sites make you wait a period of time before you receive your award. Those sites usually require you to wait a few days or even weeks or longer. But with this reward site, you should receive your award within seconds.  

The tasks you will do on the site are very similar to other reward sites. Such as watching videos, cashback shopping, doing surveys, doing micro tasks, free and paid trials, searching the web, etc.
Or course what sets InstaGC apart is its speedy instant payment system. They also offer generous rewards compared to many reward sites and have a very straight forwards points system. Each point is equal to 1 Us cent. So 100 points is worth 1 US dollar

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