Benihana Birthday Freebie - $30 Value

- March 09, 2019

FREE Benihana $30.00 Dinner Certificate

If you enjoy eating at Japanese steakhouses you are going to love this one. Benihana who is widely regarded as Americas favorite Japanese steakhouse is giving away a gift valued at $30 bucks to their customers for their birthday! So if you live close by one of their locations why not treat your self to dinner and a show. And you don't necessarily have to live close by. You could use this during a vacation or business trip as well.

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Benihana FREE Birthday Food

The gift is a certificate that as a value of up to $30.00! Making the savings for this one tops among the birthday freebies we are currently aware of. Customers have the freedom to redeem their gift anytime during the month of their special day during dinner hours Monday-Thursday.

In order to receive your $30 dollars off, you must join the Chef’s Table club. Don't worry it's free to join so that's, not the catch you may be looking out for. Be sure to provide valid information because you will have to provide a valid ID in order to redeem your certificate. Please don't wait around to register for this one because it may take up to 2 business days after you register before yours comes in. Plus it can take up to an additional 24 before the bar code shows up on your electronic certificate.

This offer is pretty awesome but there are a few hoops that you must jump through in order to use your certificate. First of all, Benihana does not have a ton of locations. Secondly, the certificate really is more like a BOGO coupon. Since you are required to purchase an adult entrée at full price in order for your certificate to apply towards the remaining order. It is also important to remember that you can not apply the 30 bucks toward alcohol, tax, and gratuity. Lastly, customers must be at least 13 years of age in order to receive the $30.00 gift. However, they also offer a complimentary Benihana mug with a purchase of a Kabuki Kids meal for customers 12 and under. Parents must sign up their kids for the Kabuki Kids program for their gift. The kid's gift is also good anytime during their birthday month as well.

Quick Overview

Gift: For Adults (13 and over), you will receive a $30 gift certificate on the house to use anytime during the month of your birthday during dinner hours Monday-Thursday. Kids (12 and under) get a complimentary Benihana mug
Requirement: Adults must join the Chef’s Table club in order to receive their $30.00 certificate. Parents must sign up their kids for the Kabuki Kids program for their complimentary mug.

Important Tips: Be sure to sign up at least 4 days before your birthday if you plan on using this freebie that day. It may take over 3 days before you are ready to use your certificate. Also, be sure to have your ID in hand once you do have it and are ready to cash in. Customers are required to have an ID to prove they are legit.

About Benihana

A descendant of a samurai warrior named Rocky Aoki opened his first Benihana in 1964. This would be Americas first Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. He named the restaurant after his parents coffee shop that went by the same name. Rocky had his chefs prepare their customers food on steel teppanyaki grills directly in front of the customers to their delight. Of course, he also made sure they were preparing delicious food as well. This marked the beginning of the dinner and a show concept we all enjoy at Japanese steakhouses now. Obviously, the concept takes off from there. By 1972 Rocky already had 5 more locations in the United States. Over the years the restaurant would continue to grow until it surpassed over 70 locations around the world.

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