Cash Show Review - Legit or Paid Trivia App Scam?

- June 14, 2018

Legit Paid Trivia App

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Today we are doing a review on an App called Cash Show, a Free of charge Live Trivia Competition App by Zenjoy Small. The app actually has a host for each show. Well, a couple of guys take turns hosting the show but always a host. They can be funny at times too. What got my attention is they give actual money prizes. You just have to play along and answer questions, and you could win legit cash. Cash that can be withdrawn to PayPal. Finally, I get to be on Jeopardy! Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch.  Actually, the show reminds me more of the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This is due to their boosters closely resembling lifelines. We will be going over that in more depth later.

You'll find that the app is for both the Android OS and Apple OS. Thier apps are open to everyone around the world if you are at least 17 years old.  Also, you must use a verifiable phone number or Facebook account to register.

 Legit Trivia App

How Does Cash Show Work 

Its free to join any show when it's live. You can choose to be notified when a show is about to go live! You will have to allow the app to send you notifications when you sign up for this. It's best to come into the app a few minutes early. If you are late you will not be able to earn any cash. The time for the next show is shown on the Cash Show home screen.

They have 2 daily shows each day at:

3:30 PM EDT or 12:30 PM PDT 
8:00 PM EDT or 5:00 PM PDT 
9:30PM EDT or 6:30PM PDT 

Cash Show Paid TriviaYou will have to master 12 questions in each live trivia competition to come home with the grand prize. Users only have 5 seconds to answer each question. The questions will cover issues like science, sports, art, entertainment, etc..

Among the questions, there are two types of questions: Non-Prize Questions and Reward Question. You must start with the Non-Prize Questions of which there is 5.  Be sure you choose the best answers within the limited time. If you answer the 5 non-prize questions properly you then can move on to the Reward Questions. If you miss one of the questions you may not even get the chance to make any real money. That is unless you have a booster called an Extra Life.  You can earn this booster by a lucky spin or by inviting a friend to join the trivia app. But more on boosters later.

Once you reach the Reward Questions you will notice they are worth a varying degree of money.  For every single question, the reward will be different. If you choose the wrong answer you will be removed from the game. You can still continue to watch the show but you will no longer be able to earn any cash. But you may get a lucky spin and earn booster for the next show.

Answer all reward questions right and you'll win the main prize.  Sometimes you have to split the prize, however. If two or more players last until the game is finished, they will break up the prize among those that lasted to the end. If you are the only one that made it to the end of the show you will get the entire award.

You do not have to make it to the end of the contest to claim a prize. If you manage to get at least one question right during the Reward Questions element of the show. You will come away with some cash. If nobody makes it to the finish, the award pool will carry over into the following show.  Once you reach their minimum withdrawal amount for cashing out of $10. You can Cashout straight to your Paypal account. Reading their guidelines I discovered you only have 3 months to claim your award after you earned it. After that, there is no promise they will stand behind it. So I would not recommend letting your rewards stack up. Instead, I would cash out as soon as I could.

Cash Show Boosters And Lucky Spins

If you ever watched the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire back in the day you may remember when players could use what they called lifelines. Such as Phone-a-Friend, 50:50, Switch the Question, and Ask the Audience. Cash Show's Boosters are basically the same thing.

Like lifelines, boosters will help players get past hard questions and earn more Cash. You can only use each booster once in each show. So be careful how you use your boosters.  The 4 boosters are Wrong Gone, Extra Life, Power Prize, and Skip Card.

Best Paid Trivia App Important Tip: All boosters earned from lucky spins are temporally and have to be used the within 24 hours of winning the booster. That does not mean all boosters are temporary. If for example, you earn an Extra Life for referring a friend. That would be a regular booster and does not expire. On the other hand, if you won the Extra Life with a lucky spin it will expire in 24 hours.

- Wrong Gone 
Use a Wrong Gone to remove one of the wrong options before responding to a question and make it easier. You can only just use one Wrong Gone each show. Wrong Gone can be won in with a lucky spin in random shows. Log in with your Facebook account on the app to get 5 Wrong Gone boosters.

- Extra Life 
When you have an Extra Life, it'll be used automatically to keep you in the overall game after giving a wrong answer and that means you still have an opportunity to win the money prize. It'll be used automatically without tapping on the display. Only 1 Extra Life can be used per show. An Extra Life can be received with a lucky spin in random shows. You will also receive 1 Extra life for each time you successfully ask a friend into the game. They must use your invitation code. You can use my code GRGGAK for a Free Extra Life. 

- Power Prize 
Power Prize will increase your winnings for the show. The amount your winnings will be increased is determined by a preset multiple. It'll automatically be used if you gain any winnings by the end of a show. Only 1 can be used for per show. Power Prizes can be earned from a lucky spin in random shows.

- Skip Card 
The Skip Card lets you go straight to a specific round. This one is probably my favorite booster. When you have a Skip Card, it'll automatically be used when you successfully join a show.  The Skip Card can be won from a lucky spin during random shows.

Correct Answer But No Reward

You can expect to answer some questions correctly, but still not get any reward. There are two reasons for this. First of all, some questions are prize questions while others are not. The second reason is that the reward may be too low to show up. Let me explain.

Users have to make it past the 5 Non-Prize Questions before they start earning anything. Whenever a question is a Reward Question you will know it. This is because the reward amount will be shown below the question. You may not get the entire reward if others got the correct response as well. The reward is split between everyone who got the correct response. So your winnings may be super low. So low, the award may be rolled to another question or another show. This will only happen if the winnings are less than 1 cent.

Is Cash Show A Scam?

This app is absolutely not a Scam. Quite a few money making apps exist only to get your personal information, but Cash Show is not one of them. They actually pay you to participate in live trivia competitions online. That being said the site is quite new. 149 days to be exact as of the time of this review.  The site was actually founded this year 2018 on January the 19th by a Chinese company called Zenjoy Small.  So there is always a chance a new app like this could go under. Still, I wouldn't bet on it because it seems to be picking up steam quickly and doing really well. Some users complain that the push notifications don't work properly. Some even say notifications are sometimes up to an hour late at times. Another big complaint is the App freezing often and getting removed from the show as a result. I have not experienced any of this myself. They may have sorted these issues out by now or maybe I am just lucky. Regardless none of that makes make the app a scam.

Quick Review

Really neat trivia app for the Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire lovers out there like yours truly. The app has been quite addictive for me! Having fun while making money. While at the same time, you are enriching your brain with new knowledge! Where could you go wrong? Well with a wrong answer that is where. 

Sometimes I do not manage to make it too far and can get a little frustrated. Each show starts off pretty easy, but the questions get difficult fast. The boosters do help a ton. Without them, I think I probably would not win hardly anything. Still, it's a fun game to play with the family and take a break from work. If you do really well at trivia shows you may win a decent amount of cash with this app. You are not going to get rich by no means. Making this app more suited for those who would be spending time watching game shows anyway. I do not know about you but Jeopardy has never paid me anything for getting a correct answer. The winnings are not going to be anything to write home about. It just makes the experience much more exciting to have skin in the game.  Plus for the frugal of us, every penny counts right?


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