Beach Wedding - Low Cost Wedding & Bridal Shower Ideas

- June 21, 2018

Bridal Shower

Alright, ya'll today marks the official day of summer!! I don't know about you guys, but my calendar gets pretty full with wedding showers, bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties making those sweet summer days fly by! So I thought I would do a couple different posts to give you some ideas, whether you are the ones throwing or just attending, of cute DIYs that I have done and have been a big hit!

Beach Wedding Shower 

My husband and I had a beach wedding a couple years ago, and let me just tell you beach weddings are the way to go! After being in a couple weddings I decided real fast that those typical Pinterest inspired weddings with the hassle and stress and draining the bank account was just not for me. Ladies, I made a couple phone calls to the company we set up my date, time, and the setup I wanted and that was it! The big day came we relaxed on the beach that afternoon, then went our separate ways to get ready and at 7 o'clock we were married by the ocean. We got to really enjoy our wedding and focus on what a wedding really is about, two people becoming one. If you're newly engaged I recommend looking for a beach wedding!

Beach Wedding

Anyways, back on topic! A couple summers ago I had some wonderful showers thrown for me with the beach theme. Since we were getting married about 12 hours away not all of our family and friends could make it so making our shower beach themed help to make everyone feel included even if they were unable to attend.

Low-Cost Bridal Shower Ideas 

Here are a couple of ideas you can incorporate into your own wedding showers, even if you aren't doing a beach themed shower you can use the same concepts and just relate them to your theme! Keep in mind these are all low-cost bridal shower ideas! I know how quickly things add up when hosting a party so I hope these ideas help!

I cannot tell you how much balloons make a party look so festive!! They are super cheap  ( my dollar mart will blow up plan latex balloons for 74 cents!! ) and such a classy decoration.  All we did was place a piece of double-sided tape at the top of each balloon and attached to the outer edges of the blades of the ceiling fan and placed balloons on between the ceiling fan blades to the ceiling.  So we have balloons attached to the ceiling fan and the ceiling giving it some depth.

Also, the adorable circle garland that is draped around the ceiling fan and balloons is just a bunch of different size circles cut out of scrapbook paper that we taped to a string. If you're crunched for time, you can now purchase different types of garland like this one from many of the craft stores.

Low Cost Bridal Shower Ideas

Remember ladies we want to throw a classy but cheap party so don’t forget to use Ibotta when going out to purchase supplies! Right now Joann’s fabric craft store has a 15% off your total purchase plus makes sure you use a Joann coupon on top of your Ibotta rebate for extra savings!!

The dessert tables are always a big hit when it comes to any type of event. Guest love it when you take something you find at the grocery store and add a special twist to it! These SUPER cute flip flops were such a big hit and went perfectly for the beach themed wedding shower! All we did was pipe icing on nutter butter cookies to make them look like a flip-flop. You can get real fancy and decorate them up or keep it simple either way they are too cute!!

Wedding Shower Food Ideas

You have the beautiful decorations, great food, now let's talk about the entertainment. This was such a fun, easy ( even for those not big on crafts), and a way for all the guests to get to know each other craft project. We used $1 old navy flip flops and any and all the accessories you want to use to decorate your flip flops. Check your craft rooms you'll be surprised by things you can use that you already have! Also, my Joann’s fabric and craft store have a clearance section in the back where you can find all kinds of odds and ends for this project. For those that were attending the wedding they had a new pair of flip-flops to bring to the beach and for those who couldn't make it had something to remember the occasion by.
Low Cost Wedding Shower Ideas

And of course afterward, we had to take a picture of our beautiful work!!

Low Cost Wedding Shower Ideas

For those of you just attending a bridal shower, I love gifting and receiving personalized items. I mean you're getting a new last name right, so why not plaster that on everything you own! I had these beach towels made for the immediate family that was attending, but you can also gift to the bride and groom as a honeymoon gift. Ours has our new initials with our wedding date at the bottom of the anchor. Such a sweet keepsake!

Wedding & Bridal Shower Ideas

 I hope these ideas inspire you with your own beach wedding shower!! For more summer party ideas, subscribe below so you won't miss any cute summer DIYs. Don't forget to share your ideas down below I'd love to hear how your low-cost beach wedding shower went!!


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