Rewards1 Review - Is This Rewards Site Legit?

- May 05, 2017

Rewards1 Review

This will be a review of  Rewards1, a reward site that is gaining a lot of attention lately. But before we get started if you missed our last review on a GPT (Get Paid To) site SuperPayMe I would suggest you take a look at it first. Anyways back to this reward website which is set up to allow users to earn free prizes. The prizes that they are known for are usually video game related. Such as things like game, consoles, and other accessories. But if this site is not legit this all means nothing right?  Read Living Cheaply's complete review of this company and find out what we found. 


Rewards1 Review - Is This Rewards Site Legit?
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What Is Rewards1.Com?

When I first started looking into this site after hearing its users claim Rewards1 was the best reward site ever.  I thought they new GPT site that had just popped up.  However, I found out Rewards1.com has been live for over 15 Years! This was shocking to me since I have been using these rewards sites for years now and had not heard of this site until the past year or so. As you might imagine this left me wondering why I had not heard of this set by now if it's so great? Maybe the answer is it's not, but we get back to that later.

Is Rewards1 Legit Or A Scam?

Rewards1 is a legit rewards site. They have been paying their users years and will likely continue to. However, recently user have been experiencing huge delays in payments. Obviously, this has been a huge disappointment given they claim they process rewards in 1 to 5 days in their TOS (Terms Of Service). New users have even been told they would need to wait up to 45 to 60 days to be paid.  They claim the reason for the recent delay is a result of fraud they have been experiencing. Some of the users believe its related to the fact their site has taken off and they do not have the funds to pay all the new users. Either way, they are still paying, but not in a timely manner that they hold claim to or should expect. I would not call this a scam but it is certainly undesirable. Some would even say unacceptable. 

Getting Started With Rewards1

Signing up is really simple and can be done as follows:

1) Sign-Up
2) Enter Basic Infomation
Under the signup, tab and enter your Username, Email, Password, and Location.  
Rewards1 Review information

**Warning** You must use a valid email that you can verify. 

4) Confirm Email
You will have to confirm your email before you can log in. So please use a valid email. 

All Done! Now your ready earn money with Rewards1 until you have $5.00 or 500 points and cash out to your chosen payment.  

Ways To Earn With Rewards1

Rewards1 Review  Top offersRewards1.com has a good selection of OfferWalls to choose from. The following is a breakdown of all current earning methods on this reward site:


These are sign-ups and surveys for the most part. They usually pay around 10 points to around 200 points for each offer.

Premium Offers 

The Premium offers pay you a bit more.  This is mainly done to the face you will need a to use a credit card these. You can expect to make $1 to around $35 on these. 

Coin Offers 

These are your cut and dry OfferWalls you will find on any decent GPT site. Such as Peanut Labs, Personaly, Trialpay, Offertoro, Wallads, Revenueuniverse, Radiumone.


Rewards1 Review  Videos EngageMe.Tv which is the most popular video option for OfferWalls these days due to its passiveness. On this reward site, you are rewarded 1 Point for every 9 EngageMeTv videos. These videos are basically unlimited as well. The other videos listed pay a much better rate of 1-3 point per video but only have a limited number of videos and must be selected one at a time. 


These are Crowdflower which can be found on almost all GPT sites. Check out our complete review of Crowdflower including SECRETS to Gain  Access to the Crowdflower Entrance Exam Link for More Crowdflower Tasks.  


This is Radio Loyalty which pays 1 point every ten minutes of radio played. 


These include Daily surveys, Your-surveys, Ampario, and Say-So for good.

Rank System For Rewards1.Com

Your bonus increase as your rank increases.  Elite, for example, gets a  $0.15 bonus to complete a $0.75 survey.  A breakdown of the rank system is as follows:

Rookie is the rank you start with. 

Junior after your first reward of 500 or $5. 

  • 35% ref bonus plus 10% earn a bonus.

Senior after you get 2 rewards and $20 OR refer 100 people
  •  40% ref bonus + 15% earn bonus. 

Veteran after you make $80 and 3 rewards  OR refer 1,000 people
  • 45% ref bonus + 20% earn bonus. - Allows you to become a chat moderator PLUS you get codes INSTANTLY.  

Elite after you make $200 receive 4 rewards OR refer 10,000 people
  •  50% ref bonus + 25% earn bonus PLUS Allows you to become a Chat administrator.

Legend after you make $500 and receive 5 rewards OR ref 100,000 people

  • 55% ref bonus + 30% Earning bonus. 

Rewards1 Referral 

You will receive a very generous 20% of your referrals earnings for life. 

So if you refer a new member earns and they 30 points, you will get 6 points. It's even possible to get up to 30% of referral earnings, but this would be hard to achieve. Users must refer lots of members each month for the extra 10% bonus.

Rewards1.com Online Forum  

One aspect of Rewards1 that I really like is their online forum. The forum, as a number of helpful users tips on successfully completing offers.  This forum is world actually be helpful for anyone that uses any GPT site.  

Rewards1 Payment

Overview Of Payment Options For This reward Site:

Points1 point = 1 Cent or 0.01 

Gift Cards: Amazon, ThinkGreek, BestBuy, NewEgg, Dell, Barnes & Noble, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale

Code rewards:  Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Stream,  iTunes, Google play, Battle.Net, Karma Coins, League Of Legends, Nintendo, Nexon, Steam, World Of Warcraft, Minecraft, NCsoft, Nexon, Rixty

-- Paypal -- My Personal Favorite Option

Custom Order (This option allows you to do what it soundsYou can request rewards from any vendor, but fulfillment may take longer. 

Minimum Cashout threshold =  $5 Paypal or 500 Points 

Withdraws can are stated to take 1 to 5 days but they have recently been taking longer as previously discussed. However, after you reach the Veteran, you can get INSTANT cashouts. 

Tip: If you get a Veteran status or above then you get them instantly. You will receive the codes instantly to your email address and in your messages on the site. When you first join, your rank status is RookieAfter your first redemption minimum of  $5.00, you will climb up to the rank of junior. 

Scam Verdict 

Rewards1.com is a legit website that has a proven track record of paying their users. They have a good number of offer walls and pay a fair rate. After your first cash out, they give you access to more walls as well. If you cash out and find out your earnings are being held, try to catch an admin on their live chat and they will likely speed up your withdraw. I love that they provide a chat box along with their forum. This makes it really easy for their members to help each other. This all said I am having a hard time recommending this site giving their current payment delays. All signs point to users getting paid in time but not being able to access your cash for long periods of time can be very stressful. For that reason, I would suggest if you need cash fast to go with another option like EarnHoney or SuperPayMe which we just did a review for. Otherwise, if you can afford to wait for Rewards1 payments they may be a good option for you. Still, you may be better served if you wait until their payments issue is sorted out.   

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with this reward site in the comments below. Have you used this reward site in the past? Did you feel like Rewards1.com is legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this review.  
Thanks for reading our Review!


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