Diamond Cash Review - Get Paid To Download Apps

- March 10, 2017

Diamond Cash Review

This will be a review of Diamond Cash an app that pays you to download apps and games to your phone. We are always on the look out for a simple to use apps to make some extra cash here at Living Cheaply. So of course when we discovered that you can actually get paid just for downloading apps, we had to give them a try! If you missed it the first paid to download the app we tried was called AppMan. You may want to read this review first if you haven't already. 


Diamond Cash On iOS and Desktop?

Diamond Cash is a free mobile app currently only available for download on Android devices. However, you can also earn Diamond Cash points on iOS devices and desktop computers as well. You simply have to enter in the special web address that is assigned to you by Diamond Cash when your sign up in the browser of your device. All points that you earn on all devices are added to your points on your android account. We are very impressed with this featured from Diamond Cash since this is the first time we have seen anything like this from a money making an app. 

Is Diamond Cash Legit

This app is not a scam. It may seem strange for apps like Diamond Cash to be willing to pay you for doing super easy tasks like downloading a game, but it's 100% legit. How these apps work is developers often times have a hard time getting their apps recognition in the marketplace. Apps like Diamond Cash help these developers connect with users that they could never manage themselves. When you download an app the developer pays Diamond Cash. Of course, Diamond Cash does not care to pay you a cut of the profit. In fact, they will give you 800 points just for signing up App. Combined with a referral code (15137272) if you use one you will have 1025 points starting out for basically just installing the app. 

How does Diamond Cash Work

For every app or game, you download on Diamond Cash rewards you with points which can be exchanged for Paypal or gift cards. However downloading apps is not the only way you can earn with this app. Diamond Cash will also pay you to watch videos, share tweets, sharing Facebook posts, and doing a daily check-in.
It is very easy to earn with Diamond Cash, and good for times when you don’t want to put a lot of effort in but still want to make a few extra bucks.

Getting Started With Diamond Cash

Currently as mentioned before the core Diamond Cash app can only be download on Android devices. Signing up is really simple and can be done as follows:

1) Download 
Diamond Cash Sign UpDownload Diamond Cash from the Play Store HERE. Create your username and password and log-in. You will always stay logged in after your this. 

2) Enter 
Invitation Code
Get a 225 bonus point bonus for entering in someone's Code. If you do not have a code please use ours. Enter 15137272  to get a bonus and support Living Cheaply. We could not do this without you guys!

All Done! Now just complete tasks on Diamond Cash until you have 2,500 points and cash out to your choice of Paypal or Gift Card.
____________________________________________________________________ How Much Does Diamond Cash Pay For Tasks?

The amount Diamond Cash is going to pay you for each task is going to completely depend on which tasks you are doing.  Currently, you can earn points on Diamond Cash from doing any of the following:

Check In 
US Speical App List
App List #1
App List #2
App List #3
App List #4
App List #5
Earn Points On Computer
Earn Points on iPhone/iPad
Watch a Video
Invitation Code
Facebook Share
Retweet Our Tweet

Paid For Checking In

Checking in each day will earn you 10 points. This is the easiest way to make money on Diamond Cash but can only be done once every 24 hours. You must first tap on Earn points button to be taken to the page on for checking in. 

Paid To Download Apps

Diamond Cash has 5 LIST that normal users can choose from to download apps. PLUS as you can see the United States has its own app list.

Diamond Cash US App List

Diamond Cash boast that their US app list is high paying. For the most part on average, this is true compared to their other lists. You will, however, find apps that pay as much or much on the other app lists that, are available to all users.

To access the app download list you will need to only select the Earn Points button on the Diamond Cash welcome screen. 

Diamond Cash Earn Points Button

You should see buttons for all the download lists now. 

You can expect to make anywhere from 21 to 333 points per app download. Usually, for downloads the only thing required is for you to earn points is to install and then open the app. Many times you can do just that and not get credit. I have the most luck if I leave the app open for at least a minute before I close it. Also waiting for 30 minutes or so after running the app to delete it seems to help Diamond Cash Credit you. 

Important Note: Many of the tasks on the Diamond Cash app download list are not app downloads at all. Much of the time instead you will find things such as signups, surveys, videos and more things you would expect to find on GPT( Get paid To) sites. Although I do not mind these type of offers, I found this to be very misleading. 

In order to receive credit, normally the only thing you are required to do is install the app and run it. However, we recommend leaving it open for a minimum of 30 seconds just to ensure that you get rewarded by points by Diamond Cash.

Earn Points On Windows and iOS With Diamond Cash

Earning points on your computer or Earn points on iPhone/iPad can be done has mentioned before by entering in you special web address that is assigned to you by Diamond Cash when you sign up. You can find your address by selecting the Earn Points button and then the Earn points on computer button or Earn points on iPhone/iPad button on the next screen. Simply enter in this address and your good to go.

This link will allow take you to a page that is powered by the Adsend Media offer wall. Both iOS or a desktop computer are to the same offer wall. The only difference is the device you are accessioning them from. Although both have their own unique web addresses.

If you are not aware Adsend Media is one of the top offer walls offered by GPT (Get Paid To) sites. This offer wall is best known for paid passive video watching via the EngageMe.Tv offer. I tested the EngageMe.Tv offer out on an old iPhone 4 I had that was just collecting dust. It was able to run the videos for hours smoothly without needing to be touched. 

Paid To Watch Videos

Watch a Video can be accessed on the page as your app download list. You get 1 point for each video. These videos pay more than the EngageMe.Tv per video but you must click the Watch a Video button between each video. 

Diamond Cash Watch a video

 Diamond Cash Pays You To Share

For Facebook Share and Retweet Our Tweet you will do just as it sounds. Not much explaining needed here. Retweet or share a post by Diamond Cash for 30 points. 


Diamond Cash Payment

The points that you earn via the various tasks in the app can be converted to Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, or cashed out to PayPal.  The point conversion rate differs depending on where you are cashing out from. 

In the United Sates25000 points equals $5.00

50000 points equal $10.00.100000 points equals $10.00

With the US Diamond Cash minimum withdraw being $5.00. You can also redeem gift cards from Google Play, Steam, Starbucks as of the day of this review. 

WorldWide2500 points equals $5.00

Europe2750 points equals 5.00

Australia2625 points equals $7.00

The United Kingdom, 3750 points equals 5.00

Canada2400 points equals $6.00


Diamond Cash Referral Code

Maybe the easiest way of earning points on Diamond Cash is by giving your referral code or as they call it invitation code to your friends. Your friend will get 225 bonus points for using your code. You return will get 20% of their earnings for life, If you do not have a code to use please use ours. It helps us continue to be able to make reviews like this one. Thanks to everyone who supports us and reads our posts. 

Diamond Cash Referral Code:  15137272


Review Conclusion

Diamond Cash is a legit app that pays you to download apps. Although I really do not like the way their app lists are not pure app downloads. This still does not make the app a scam. Overall Diamond Cash is a solid app for downloading apps on your spare time. Also if you have old iOS like my iPhone 4 it may be worth considering using it to passively watch videos to make some spare points. On the other hand, you would be much better off using Earnhoney for watching videos on a computer. I would suggest check out our Earnhoney Review if you have not already. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with Diamond Cash in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 


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