CashKarma REVIEW - Paid Survey, Sign Ups & Video App

- March 07, 2017

 CashKarma REVIEW

Today we are going to be reviewing an app called CashKarma. An app that pays you for doing surveys, offers, and watching videos on the go. CashKarma also has some unique features such asl achievement bonus that earn your extra points. As well as levels in which you earn more as your level increases in the app. CashKarma is available for both Andriod and Apple devices.
CashKarma review

Is CashKarma Legit?

CashKarma is no scam, it is actually made by the same company that created AppKarma. The difference between the two apps is AppKarma is mainly focused on apps and CashKarma is focused on surveys. The reason they are willing to pay you for such simple tasks is due to their relationship with advertisers who sometimes have a hard time getting their products recognition. That’s where CashKarma comes into helps connect advertisers with their users. 

Advertisers are more than willing to pay CashKarma to connect them with customers. In return, they are willing to split their profits with their users.  

How To Get Stated With CashKarma

CashKarma is completely free to use and is available for both Android and IOS devices. 

Getting started can be broken down into 2 easy steps. 
1) Download The CashKarma App

Download HERE

2) If you are on your mobile device you will be taken to the CashKarma download page. However, if you are on a computer you will be taking to a screen like below where you can simply enter your phone number to receive a link to the download. 

CashKarma Phone verify

3) Start Doing Tasks

After opening the CashKarma app you will see a long list of tasks you will be paid to do.  

CashKarma Offers

 Doing surveys on CashKrama is the way you will make most of your money if you choice. Ranging from 250 to 2,500 points or $.025 to $2.50 cent per survey. You will find that most survey pay around $1.00. 

CashKarma Surveys
Besides surveys, you can also do a daily check in for 5 points which are super easy but can only be done once every 24 hours. The app also has videos and search rewards which make comparatively very little points. 
CashKarma Daily Check in
CashKarma also has an Offers and Deals pages where you can do free and paid trials in exchange for points. 
CashKarma Offers and deals

Lastly, CashKarma has a video section where you get paid to watch videos. These videos are not passive and must be pressed to pay each time, unlike Earnhoney.

 CashKarma Payment 

At the current moment, they only pay out via Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal. With the minimum Withdraw on CashKarma being $5.00 dollars. 

Points Break Down

1000 CashKarma's points are worth $1.00 (EXCEPT the $5.00 PayPal )

CashKarma Amazon Gift Card

1100 CashKarma's points are worth $1.00 when redeeming for $5.00 PayPal

CashKarma Paypal

But one of my favorite features of CashKarma is you get 5% of your points back when you redeem your points.  If you have ever used Earnhoney their points system works the same way.

Important Note: Gift card codes have a 24-hour hold on them before they are sent to users. CashKarma claims they do this for verification and security purposes. 

CashKarma Referral Code

CashKarma Referral CodeIf you use a CashKarma referral code you will get 300 points. You will also get 50 points for just signing up as well as a 50 point bonus when you verify your email. That's 400 points in total to start out with if you use someone's code. 

You will also get 100 bonus points for the first person you refer to CashKarma.
 You will also earn 10% of all earnings of your referrals. If you would like to support Living Cheaply and keep posts like this one coming please use our code: abbyparkermom 

Final Thoughts

CashKarma is a legit app for doing surveys and offers on the go and watching videos. This app will however not make you rich but only earn you some extra money to spend on your frugal needs. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with CashKarma in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life! 

Frugal Earning Online - CashKarma Review 


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