Quick Swagbucks Review | All You Need To Know

- August 18, 2020
Swagbucks really needs no introduction for those of you that are familiar with (Get Paid To Sites). This site is probably the best well-known reward site of its kind and for good reason. Swagbucks was founded in 2005 and was one of the very first sites of its kind. Unlike many of the reward sites that have come and gone over the years, Swagbucks has lasted the test of time and is still thriving and doing well.  Prodege the company behind this reward site actually now even owns other popular reward sites you may have heard of such as Mypoints, and Inboxdollars.

Ways To Earn

Shopping Portal - This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on the site. You simply visit one of the many stores Swagbucks offers cashback online via their website or with their Extension called the SwagButton. The Swagbutton is the easiest way since once the extension is installed it will automatically tell you a site offers cashback and allows you to activate your cashback right there. Plus the extension also lets you know about any coupons or sales available for the sites you visit as well. It's very convenient and I highly recommend it.

Watching Videos - Swagbucks has multiple apps on IOS and Android that allow its users to watch videos and get paid cash. If you prefer you can also watch videos for cash on your PC as well.

Daily Poll - Each day you can answer an opinion multiple-choice poll questions for 1 cent. These questions only take a few seconds to answer. It's very simple and sometimes it can be quite interesting to see what everyone else opinion is.

Play Games - You will find multiple games you can play to earn cash. These are very basic run and jump type games you may have played as a kid or maybe still even play. Only now you get rewarded at random times for playing.

Discover New Sites - Another easy way to warn on this reward site is by visiting new sites and discovering what they have to offer. This usually involves a timer and make sure you have really had time to check out the new content.

Doing Surveys - This can be one of the highest-earning methods to earn cash with Swagbucks but also can be the most frustrating as well when you get disqualified for surveys after already spending time on the survey.  On the bright side, they do offer a small disqualification bonus for trying the survey even if you don't get to finish. This is a nice feature you won't find on many other reward sites.

Web Search - I really have had a lot of luck with this method and have earned a fair amount of spare cash for web searches I have done on their site over the years. You are rewarded a random times for searches. I have seen where people share search queries that they believe trigger the rewards. However, I am not convinced that really works. But any legitimate search query that you would search for on any search engine seems to trigger rewards quite often.

Swag Codes - These are codes that are usually released on their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Swagbucks Live - They even have a live trivia show app that you can play at various times of the week to win bonus points to help you reach your cashout goals. Games are available every weekday twice a day. Times vary based on your time zone. If you get all your questions right you split the winnings with the rest of the players. But even if you don't you get bonus points for the answers you get correct.

Ways to Get Paid 

Each Point on Swagbucks is worth one 1 US cent. So 100 points is worth $1 dollar. They offer a ton of different methods to redeem your points. My favorite is probably the Prepaid Visa or Amazon Gift card. This is because they offer a 12-  13% discount on your first $25 dollar reward for each month. So I can redeem a 25 dollar Prepaid Visa for only $21.75 worth of points. Or an Amazon gift card for only $22 worth of points. The discount is also available for many other popular restaurants and retail stores as well. But if you prefer you can also redeem via Paypal. However, I have never known them to discount Paypal rewards.

Who Is Swagbucks For

Swagbucks is a great fit for anyone looking to make some spare cash in their downtime. They have a very simple and easy to use design to their site. Making it very user friendly and much easier to navigate than many other reward sites I have seen. For anyone that shops online I think this reward site is a must. For anyone else that has spare time to mess with GPT sites, this rewards site has to be at the top of your list. 


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