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- July 31, 2019

Gifthulk Shutting Down and Becoming SurveyTime!

Update: Sorry Guys GiftHulk is shutting down on August, 1. 2019! Being that is tomorrow at the time of this post I don't believe we will ever see another GiftHulk Code. Which means the code on 7/28/2019 will be our last code alert for this site. If you have any points in your account redeem please redeem them ASAP if you can. The lowest reward I saw today was a $3.00 Target Gift Card for 3000 points. The folks behind Gifthulk are moving to another site called SurveyTime. If you still have an account thereafter August 1 it will be rolled over to a SurveyTime account. But your points will not come with you. So again cash out now! 

Also, I feel like I need to point out SurveyTime is a much different site than GiftHulk. It's focused solely on Surveys. So if you are thinking its GiftHulk with another name sorry it's not. That being said its an interesting site. They offer an instant $1.00 payments per completed survey. And you can cash out with PayPal, Walmart, Amazon, Target and so on. 

Eligibility - Only residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand is Eligible to sign up for GiftHulk at this time.

How To Use This Gifthulk Code

1. Look for the WIN HULK COINS category located on the LEFT sidebar. Under Win Hulk Coins you will see GC Bonuses link that you must click on. 

2. Now you are on the GC Bonuses page COPY and PASTE this PROMO CODE.

Gifthulk Code Alert For All Nations Updated On 07/28/2019    

Free Gift Cards and Rewards
 GiftHulk Code:
 Expires: End Of Day on 07/28/2019
 Nations: All Nations
 Code-Value:  25 Points 

Code Not Working? 

Don't worry we have a couple of tips to help make sure you receive your free GiftHulk points. 

1. The first thing we have to do is make sure the above code has not expired. If that is the case no worries a new code is on its way. We will update this page as soon as we find a new one which is almost EVERY DAY. If the code is not expired proceed to step 2. 

2. Now that we know the code is not expired we must figure out why it's not working. We need to make sure we are entering it correctly. You will see get an ERROR if there are any SPACES at the START or END of the PROMO

About Gifthulk

Gifthulk is what is known as a GPT (Get Paid To) reward site. GiftHulk has paid out over $1,000,000 in prizes to their members since they began back in 2011. They have even been featured on CBS. After signing up members can participate in a variety of tasks in exchange for cash. For example, users get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, searching the web, playing games and much more to earn money. Or at least what they call Hulk Coins which can be redeemed for Cash. Users also can exchange their Hulk Coins for Paypal Cash. Or they can redeem their coins for gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Lowes and many others.

Ways to Earn HulkCoins

Watch Videos Watch random video playlist and earn Hulk Coins.
Play Games Guess the Suit is the easiest and has the Lowest Reward.
Guess the Rank is not as hard as Guess the Card and rewards more than Guess the Suit.
Guess the Card is the hardest and has the Highest Reward.
Take surveys Often times Gifthulk will send out emails alerting users to new surveys being available for them to take. Users also can simply log in to their account each day and they should find at least a few surveys to take. 
Signup offers These are things like paid or free trails. I usually only do free trails unless I am going to be trying the product or service anyway. In which case it's a no brainer to participate.
GiftHulk Web Search – Gifthulk pays users to use their search engine for searching the web.
Referrals When users refer their friends they both get rewarded. The friend will receive 250 hulk coins as soon as they start earning. The individual that referred their friend will earn a 5% of their friend's earnings. Referring friends also earns users additional attempts at the guess the card game.
Gifthulk Bonus Codes Every day you will find GiftHulk codes here on this page on Living Cheaply. Enter those codes and be rewarded with Hulk Coins.

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