- November 10, 2018
Good news guys if you have seen a charge on your credit card from NShelengovskay you are not being SCAMED.  I saw that I was being charged 7.49 every WEEK by the company from Google.  I did a little research, I found posts from people who had experienced the same exact thing and they changed or canceled their credit cards, etc.

 Luckily I did DO NOT do the same and you shouldn't either. After further research, I discovered the charge was from a game on the Google Play store called Party Masters.  My son got a 3-day trial and did not understand that after a certain amount of time the game would start charging weekly. TO STOP THE CHARGES pull up the Google Play store on every device your family has that uses it, go to "account" then "subscriptions". When you find the device that shows this name under subscriptions you can cancel it. I imagine you may also say the same chared for other games besides Party Masters.

Hope this helps someone!

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