GearNice Review - Free Gaming Glasses Legit or Scam?

- May 01, 2017

GearNice Review

This will be a review of  GearNicewhich is a website that claims to give away FREE fashion forward products including Gaming Glasses. The first thing you are probably thinking is how in the world is gaming glasses a fashion forward product. Trust me I completely agree that GearnNice has a somewhat of a strange concept of what is considered fashion forward. But is GearNice legit? Read Living Cheaply's complete review of this company and decide for yourself. 

GearNice Review

What Is Gearnice.com?

GearNice.com is an online website designed to help its customers find unique fashion paraphernalia. They claim to be a great resource for finding genuinely distinctive gifts and accessories, for their customers. The way this online shop claims to do this is by having a dedicated team of fashion, gift, and trend spotters on staff. Possibly their biggest claim is only stocking eye-catching gifts of the highest quality.

GearNice.com ships their fashion products anywhere in the worldSo you can order from their website no matter where you are from. However, it's important to remember they ship their products from China so you may be waiting weeks before you receive your order. 

Is GearNice Legit Or A Scam?

GearNice is actually a legit site.  But this is another website I would describe as deceiving their customers. For example, this shop actually sells their gaming glasses for the price of $0.00! With that said this does not mean you will get your gaming glasses for FREE. Although the shop charges nothing for the product itself. GearNice still charges you for shipping. Which the shop overcharges you for so much you usually end up paying more than what the gaming glasses are even worth in the end.

GearNice Shipping

 The above example shows how a product listed as $0.00 ends up costing $11.95 after shipping. The price of shipping will of course vary depending on where you are from. This seems far but, what they are doing is charging the customer for the product with the shipping cost. Items like the Gaming Glasses GearNice sales can be found for around $6.00 on Chinese websites like Ali Express with Free Shipping. In fact, the shop is actually making a nice profit on these FREE glasses giving the items are coming from China. They are basically dropping shipping these glasses from their Chinese suppliers and making a small profit on the shipping. 

Important Note: If you find yourself in a situation that you are unsatisfied with your FREE Gaming Glasses. Guess what,  you can not get your money back on your shipping. At first, this seems reasonable, but when you consider they really add the price of the glasses in with your shipping this appears to be dishonest to me. 

Scam Verdict 

GearNice.com is a legit website that does sell gaming glasses for $0.00. This company will not steal your personal or credit card information. However. the shop will by all means over charge you for shipping making the gaming glasses far from FREE in the end.  I would not recommend this website to anyone looking for fashion forward products of any kind. This includes their gaming glasses which I can see on some level as a fashion forward item, but it's still a bit reaching to me. Oddly enough these glasses are maybe one of the most fashion forward products they sell.  For instance, take a look at the Clever Cutter Pro below. Does anyone know when this became a fashion product? Maybe they should give their fashion experts a raise?
GearNice Scam

In the end, I can not recommend GearNice for anyone looking for fashion forward products giving very few of their products is related to fashion. To those looking for just some free gaming glasses, you will be disappointed as well given they are not really FREE.  Keep walking folks, this shop is not for you. 

Living Cheaply would love to hear about your experience with So in the comments below. Have you purchased from this site in the past? Did you feel like GearNice.com is legit? Please let us know, we would love to hear feedback on this review.  
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