Teespay Review - $10 To Take A Photo In A Free T-Shirt

- February 19, 2017

Teespay Legit?

Teespay is a legit company that will give you a FREE t-shirt to have at no cost. Plus they will give you $10.00 to post a photo of yourself on social media with your free shirt. You may be thinking why in the world would they do that right? The reason Teespay is willing to do this is because they work with brands that are trying to get their self out into the public eye. 

Teespay's free shirts will be representing these brand that are basically wanting you to market for them.  Teespay simply matches a brand's t-shirts and people who are willing to wear them. Brands get advertising at a low cost and you get your FREE shirt.

 A example of a shirt you may get this one from Teespay's first tee partner, unreel.co  


Teespay Catch ? Wait List

Teespay does have one huge catch that is not clear until you start the sign-up process. You will likely have to wait some time before you will receive your free shirt.  after you enter your email to get to sign up for your free shirt you will see a screen like the one below showing your spot on the waiting list. Teespay gives you a referral code to help you share the program with friends. Teespay promises if you refer 5 people they will move you up the list so you get your shirt faster. 

Get Your Free T-Shirt From Teespay 
1. Sign Up

To sign up click HERE and then enter your email address. You will then be taken their wait list page which will have our referral details and of course, your spot on the wait list.  

2. Confirm Email 
Next, you need to confirm your email address. 

3. Tell Your Friends 
If you want to see your free shirt anytime soon you will have to refer some friends to move up on the list. Luckily this is not too difficult since everyone likes free stuff. You can share your link on any social media you like such as Facebook or Twitter. 


Final Thoughts On Teespay Review

Teespay really does give away free shirts and pays you to post a photo on social media. However, you may find yourself waiting on your t-shirt for quite a while. Even after you refer your 5 people with such a long list you have no choice but to wonder if you turn will ever come. 

If you love free stuff and do not want to wait on a wait list you may want to check our review of FreedomPOP which offers Free Cell Phone Service

We would love to hear about your experience with Teespay in the comments below. Also please feel free to share you Teespay links. 

Thanks for reading and living your fun-filled cheap life!

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