Grindabuck Review - Earn Cash For Watching Videos & Easy Tasks

- February 06, 2017

GrindaBuck Review 

Looking for how to earn money online? Please read our full GrindaBuck review to find out if GindaBuck is for you. GrindaBuck is a website that will pay you to do to do task online such as watching videos, taking surveys, and etc. Being a young get paid to ( GPT ) site Grindabuck is not as well known as sites like Swagbucks or InsaGc, but functions very much the same way. you earn points by completing  simple offers and surveys on their offerwalls, such as Peanuts Labs and Adgate Media. 

GrindaBuck Review

Grindabuck - 3 out of 5 Rating

What Is A GPT Site ?

GPT sites partner with advertisers to provide their ads or content to members of their sites. This is one of the easy ways to make money online. In return advertises pay the GPT site and they in return pay you.  Membership is usually completely free as it is with Grindabuck.
GPT or get paid to sites pay you to do really simple micro tasks such as the following:

Daily Check-In
Watching Videos
Playing Games
Listening to Music
Clicking Ads

After completing enough tasks, you are awarded points. These points can be exchanged after you reach a certain amount. You then can request payment via usually Paypal, Amazon , Retail Gift Cards, or Bitcoin. Every GPT site varies to some degree.

What Is Different About GrindaBuck ?

GrindaBuck claims one of the highest pay rates around for doing the basic tasks that you will see on other GPT sites.

GrindaBuck Tips :
There are bonus tiers for completing a lot of offers in a month that reward even more Grindabucks if you reach a certain amount of completions and points.

How To Sign Up With GrindaBuck ?

You only need a verifiable email address to sign up . Just click this LINK and then click the register button.  After that just enter the requested basic  information such as name and email. Finally confirm the email they will send you and you will be off to to races.
GrindaBuck Sign Up

Ways To Make Money 

Daily Check-In

Grindabucks daily login bonus of 3 Grindabucks each day. This is equals  to 3 cents. Also  if you check in every day of the month, Grindabucks will  give you an additional 50 points as long as you have completed tasks worth at least 200 each month. You will also get a chance to do a survey pay you 59 cents after converting. I highly recommended doing the daily check and and survey. Probably the best way to earn on this site.

GrindaBuck Offers


Peanuts Labs, OfferToro and Adgate Media are the three best offer walls. These all  consist of surveys, videos, and free-trial offers. To make things easier for you Grindabuck has mad a page to list dedicated to reliable offers. Check it often. They also have  a ticker and chat box that updates whenever an offer is completed.

Paid Offer Sign up

Signup offers is the highest paying way to make money on GrindabBuck. However often times it is a nightmare to get them to credit you. Again watch the ticker and chat box to find out what is crediting for others before you try them yourself.


This is the radio loyalty offer you will see on almost all GPT sites. Exactly evry 30 minutes of listening to music, you earn 3 points after enter in captcha. This is really easy but heavy on computer resources.


This section is great if you enjoy watching videos, but in terms of payout, it’s usually only 1 point per video. EngageTV pay rate is very good on Grindabuck compared to other GPT sites. Grindabuck currently pays $0.93 compared to InstaGC's $0.69

GrindaBuck Paid To ClickPaid To Click 

This is just as it sounds you will be paid a small amount to click on  a ad. The pay rate for clicking on each ad will be different however the amount will be displayed on the ad before you click it.

GrindaBuck Payment 

Payment is where Grindabuck is really lacking in my opinion. You must earn at least $10 dollars before you request your first withdrawal. However they do provide a guide that will help you do this within the first day or so of joining the site. With that said this is still pretty high minimum for a first time withdrawal when most GPT sites offer to let you withdraw at $1 or less your first time.  

Payment Problems 

To make mattes worse you must to go through a verification process before requesting payment. This is a deal breaker for many. Also if you request payment via Paypal you will pay a fee of 25 Grindabucks unless you redeem $25. GrindBuck processes their rewards manually so sometimes you may have to wait a bit for payment.  You can however  unlock instant gift card redemption's as you complete more offers.


Grindabuck is one of the higher paying GPT sites.  Their support is very helpful in regards to helping users know what offers they should be doing.  However their payment restrictions are a little much for many to accept. If you are OK with the payment issues I mentioned above then Grindabuck may be the site for you.Thanks again for reading and keep living cheaply!

Frugal Earning Online - GrindaBuck Review 

Grindabuck Review - Earn Cash For Watching Videos & Easy Tasks
Reviewed by Living Cheaplyon February 8 2017
Rating: 3-Stars

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