How To Reach Level One On Crowdflower Now (Figure Eight)

- January 12, 2017

Gain Access to the Figure Eight Entrance Exam Link for More Figure Eight Tasks?   

 Who's Figure Eight? Microwork Is Many Small Tasks Or Crowdsourcing

Update: Crowdflower has now renamed their company to Figure Eight. However, they are still the same company other than their name so this guide will still be useful. 

Crowdsourcing company Crowdflower inc (Figure Eight)  a father of microwork is going to be what we are going to be focused on  However it is very important that you know that Crowdflower works with many other GPT (Get Paid To) sites such as Swagbucks, Clixsense, InstaGC, etc. 

These sites list Crowdflower as one of the options of the many they have on their Offer Walls. Crowdflower tasks to me are some of the best of said Offer Walls have to offer. 
Tip: Although you can go do Crowdflower tasks on any of those websites and complete the tasks. You, however, can not do identical tasks on multiple websites.

Getting Started - Tasks Figure Eight? Where Are They? 

 Tip: I would suggest you use do Crowdflower (Figure Eight) tasks on a  GPT (Get Paid To) site called Clixsense Clixsense is simple and pays a better rate then you will find on other sites. 

Shifting our attention back on getting to Level One. One route to of getting to  Level One is to try and do as much zero level tasks as you can.  However, Zero level tasks have become terribly rare and therefore reaching Level One is extremely troublesome on Clixsense. So if you are not already at Level One you are just out of luck if you're just on Clixsense. What you can do however is sign up to use websites like Swagbucks, or InstaGC and do plenty of boring, however, straightforward jobs to get your Level Up. Then you'll be able to use alternative websites like Crowdflower Elite or  Clixsense the site I suggest you use to maximize your earnings for crowdflower (Figure Eight)tasks.

Entrance Quiz Short Cut. 

Lucky for us Crowdflower (Figure Eight) recently introduced a short cut in the form of an entrance quiz that allows members to achieve Level One by just passing the quiz.  The catch is your not going to find the crowdflower (Figure Eight) entrance exam link on Clixsense because it simply is not available on that site. Rumors are this is due to too many users and therefore the Crowd flower server cannot take the Load. This may or may not be true, but either way, I have to found another way around this. We again shift back to alternative GPT tasks sites by which you'll be able to take the quiz and afterward you'll be able to come back to Clixsense and earn the best rate for doing Crowdflower (Figure Eight) tasks.

Guided Method To Reach Level One On Figure Eight Quickly

If you don't already have an InstaGC account make one and confirm your email. You will then have to at least complete at least Five tasks worth at least 5 Points.  Once that is done you will be able to access Crowdflower. Use Facebook to make your Crowdflower account. Afterward, you will have full access to the Crowdflower dashboard where you will find that prized Crowdflower (Figure Eight) entrance exam link to shot up to Level One! Don't forget InstaGc is great for other types of microwork as well. 
Afterward, you will have full access to the Crowdflower (Figure Eight) dashboard where you will find that prized entrance exam to shot up to Level One!

Its A Wrap

Hope this guide helped! I know I wish someone would have told me this stuff when I first got into doing Crowdflower (Figure Eight) tasks or just crowdsourcing in general. If you guys have any questions please feel welcome to comment below. 

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