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- January 03, 2017

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Rabadaba Review Get Paid For Social Media

What is Rabadaba?

Wouldn't it be great if we were paid to use Facebook? Well, now you kind of can with Rabadaba. Rabadaba is a social media application that pays its users to simply be active on their app.  You get "Rabs" or points for voting on posts and when someone upvotes your posts. You can also "Redab" or share another user's posts and earn points for upvotes they receive. 

How to get started with Rabadaba

You can download the app on Android & Apple marketplaces. Rabadaba does require Android 4.0 or higher.  However some of the features such as being about to upload dabs like photos, & audio won't work unless you have 4.4.2 or higher.  You can still text/video dabs with 4.0 or higher, however. You are able to create photo, video, text and audio posts with up to date OS.

How To Make Money 

Voting: Each time you vote you'll earn +1 credit
Posting: Every upvote your post receives will earn you +1 credit
Resharing: If your reshare generates a vote from another user, you'll earn +1 credit for spreading the word
Flagging: If you report inappropriate content, you'll earn +1 credit for giving us a heads up!

Social Media Marketing Tips 

You can send you any additional credit by tipping your posts with their earned credits. The way to see more content is to follow more people; the more people follow you, the more will vote on your posts. 
Split your time between posting and voting. The best place to vote is "Newest submissions" on the Home tab. 
Have a clear direction with your posts. If you like cars, post nothing but cars.

Points To USD Breakdown

1 Rab = $0.0001 (and since it seems no one on the app can do math, that means $1 = 10,000 Rab.) Payout is on the 15th of each month, to paypal. Minimum payout is $10 and you must set your paypal address and payout minimum preference ahead of time.
1 Rab = $.0001 USD
5,000 Rabs = .50¢
10,000 Rabs = $1.00
100,000 Rabs = $10.00
500,000 Rabs = $50.00
1,000,000 Rabs = $100.00

Do Not Post the Following!!
You are limited to some degree on what you can post. Such as Nudity, Pornography, Violent material, Dangerous Content , and Copyrighted material. You will be banned if you post any of these type of contents. 

Rabadaba Payment Proof

                       This picture is of two Rabadaba payments to Paypal

Rabadaba in does pays out. But it does pay via Paypal so you must have a Paypal account. Once a month on the 15th, your credits will be converted to USD and paid out directly to your PayPal account. 

Rabadaba Review Conclusion

Rabadaba is a wonderful idea. However seems like you need to be very active on social media to really make money with this app. If that sounds like you maybe you should give Rabadaba a try. 


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